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Shipping is the general term used in a variety of shipping methods.  When you learn about shipping terms , you are closer to understanding the freight process. Originally shipping used to be referenced to sea freight cargo only. Our blogs are aimed at helping new and existing shippers navigate their world around the world of freight and shipping.

Shipping can be either commercial or non-commercial. However, learning about shipping terms, customs and the whole freight process can be very overwhelming. Freelance Shipping has produced regular sort of blogs which gives tips to its insight readers of how to help their business become shipping savvy.

Whether it is by ship or air, the transporting of goods in bulk from one place to another can still be covered within our blogs. Most people believe Shipping , is for larger importers and exporters and much smaller amounts can be more costly for business owners. Reading our blogs can help you obtain the right price, negotiating skills and useful tactics to take on the big giants.

Why do we blog?

Freelance shipping loves to blog and write articles to help its readers become more educated when their shipping their freight. It also serves as a relationship builder that our readers can take the knowledge and apply it to their own shipments. However most freight forwarders love to leave their readers or customers in the dark. Their purpose for this is that when they don’t understand the whole process of importing / exporting.  They will rely on the freight forwarder who can immediately sucker them into unethical practices.  To be in front and have control in your shipping and business , importers and exporters of all kind must  stay on top.

We update our blogs on a monthly basis on what we think our readers need to be educated on. Freelance Shipping also blogs on the latest customs border protection news and updates.  Our aim is to keep ourselves just as informed on industry news as well as our readers and clients. But not all our readers are customers. Most of our readers are those looking to get into the world of importing and exporting. If there is something you would like us to blog about or you have a question. Get in touch today


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