Sydney Freight Services Standard Contract of Business

Terms and conditions are necessary for all business.  Sydney freight services company Freelance Shipping Pty always wants to remain fair for its trusted customers. We try to educate people on what these terms and conditions are, how it will safeguard you but ensuring maximum reliability on both parties.

Certain contracts must be in writing but most day to day contracts, including those for the sale of goods and services, can be made verbally. However, to protect you and us it’s much better to make sure you conduct your business using agreements tailored for both of us.

Why use standard terms and conditions?

All freight forwarders Australia wide use Standard Terms and Conditions. Using standard Ts and Cs will help to make everyone aware of their rights and obligations from the beginning. This is so everybody understands what party needs to do what. With our regular clientele, we always have terms in place due to the volume of their shipments. Anything can happen, and sometimes their business requires certain conditions for their own customers. Our guys try to cater to this by putting together for them an agreement where it benefits both of us.
They also provide comfort that you are contracting on terms you can comply with and make it easier for everybody to continue their day to day activities without worrying.

What they cover

The standard terms will apply to every order or transaction you undertake. They should cover all the topics that apply to all your transactions including:

  • Contract Formation
  • Payment
  • Delivery
  • Policy on returns and refunds
  • Position on defective goods or services
  • Liability

If there is something that you don’t understand about our terms and conditions. Please feel free to speak to our consultants about them. We are here
to guide and help ensuring everything is done correctly. We work to make a smooth relationship which ensures both parties have a long last friendship
and business. Longevity is key to any business health.

What if you want to know more

When there is more information you require. It is best to contact a commercial lawyer. These lawyers specialise in the interpretation of clauses in contracts. They can arrange with you to have a discussion on exactly what the clauses container and help you to better understand it. This would be beneficial when there is a high volume of shipments that your company is importing or exporting.

Download our terms and conditions
FS Standard Terms and Conditions – 2017

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