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June 13, 2017 0Shipping Blogs

International freight forwarders Sydney based Freelance Shipping. Our is here to provide you with the latest up to date practices to win over your competition.


Here are some great tips from an international freight forwarders Sydney based company Freelance Shipping. How do you know what people are buying these days? How do you know what you can sell that could possibly lead to a profit?. Well, the simple answer is basically to get out there and do some groundwork and research. The best way to figure out is by being patient and wait for developing trends. New fashion trend?, A product that’s taking kids by storm?, Fitness or sporting goods? A lot of cupcake stores are opening?. Make a creative way to ride the storm of trends. If this doesn’t work the old method of truly successful guys does work. Get out to the mall, spend the day having a cup of coffee and watch how many people enter stores. Check who enters in which shop. What gender. What do they buy? This is market research!

Where do I find a Wholesaler or Supplier! – International Freight Forwarders Sydney

  • Found the product now, I need a supplier! You have found the product you want to try, it could have been through ground research a tip or a passion you may have. You need to find a reputable wholesaler. There are 2 sites that most people import through on a regular basis is Ali Baba and made in China. You can check to see the ratings of the suppliers, its audited quite well and you can see the ratings of the companies in their staff and dealing.
  • Samples: Ready to get started but not sure on the quality?. You want to check the samples. A lot of people always say to go fly to China and meet them but that can be really costly. Tip of the day here?. USE EMS, FEDEX or DHL which the supplier can arrange for small cartons to be shipped to your door. When the cargo is small these guys can be a safe bet to deliver. Always check to see what the service of Door to Door includes so your not left with an additional fee to pay.

You’ve faced your fears, now build your bridge. – Need a Shipping Quote? Click here

  1. I’m Ready

YES! you’re ready to import your first batch. How do you know what the costs are, duties, customs clearance, and all these things can cause such a nuisance. You just want the goods but, you want to ensure its timely and done cost-effectively. Build a relationship with your Australian shipping agent. When you build a relationship with them and speak to them about your product they can organize the shipment from your supplier’s warehouse, organize insurance, costs, take care of customs and have it to your door. It’s that easy. You may ask why not use DHL / FEDEX / EMS. That’s easy because the cost of moving larger goods becomes very costly. Once you have a certain size of cargo its time to say goodbye to your sample freighters and Hello to your new freight brokers.

  1. Get a good freight agent: A reliable Freight Agent will go through everything with you explaining end to end procedures, all costs involved so your not left with a bill and the unknown sales guy saying ” read the fine print”. You don’t want to leave in the dark so build a relationship with a trustworthy and reliable partner who will educate and help with your solutions. Building relationships are key to building a successful business. When you get a Freight Agent involved, now you’ve got a hammer on your side. Teamwork!


Always remember that once you have your product, the key to having a good way of selling these products is to become really good at yes… MARKETING. Don’t get confused with sales. Learn to efficiently make and build a trustworthy reputation of your business with the community/prospects and future leads. If you have built a good marketing base your success and freedom of being your own boss is sure to come. Remember, when in doubt about shipping speak to the experts! If you need more help with importing goods in check out our article on how to import goods

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