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Freelance Shipping – Associates and Custom Clearance Agent

Freelance Shipping works with global agents around the world and its personal custom clearance agent. This includes its independent custom clearance agent who we have known personally for over 12 years. Our services can help you with all facets in logistical movements around the world.

Our team are highly developed specialists that have been in the industry for over 10 years. None of our staff members are under the 10 years in industry experience.

We are proud to say that although we are a small team, we are proven in our abilities as freelancers that have worked all over the globe.


When you get our team to help you with freight forwarding or require a custom clearance agent we can help by providing you the tools and advice you need to get your goods flowing through the countries without hassles. We have had long term relationships with our agents offshore.

We work purely off reliability and personally knowing them for a long-standing time. This makes sense to us to not always go for the cheapest option but for the most reliable. When your client places an order, you require that the order be on time.

In terms of keeping the business or losing it. It’s one situation where we keep close ties with our agents.

Custom Clearance agent with all Sea and Air freight

Freelance Shipping has teamed up with a leading broker that has experience in all facets of Customs and Quarantine including ones that lead to audits.

You can now take advantage of this when you use Freelance Shipping services. Be rest assured that when you clear your goods with Customs, we and our partners check every inch of the import or export declaration.

Air Freight Customs Clearance

When you require Air freight Customs clearance then get in contact now. It’s a timely process that requires all hands-on deck.

If the declaration is not submitted to customs and released by them it can cause storage fees to incur. Last thing you want as a client is to pay extra costs because of a slow service that does not take their customers expenses in consideration.

Freelance Shipping Consultants work prior to the shipment to ensure that all documentation is collected for our custom clearance agent to lodge. This ensures that there are no hassles when collecting the cargo.

Sea freight Customs Clearance

Our dedicated team can help you move the goods from all over the world. We can even help you export the goods globally. When you need export or import customs clearance our service is exceptional and quick. Weather it is LCL or FCL, we have you covered.

The service is guaranteed to be fast and professional. We don’t stand for laziness and all our staff members thoroughly enjoy their careers in the fast and demanding industry.

When you require imported goods to push through the borders don’t look further then Freelance Shipping and their partnering customs clearance agent.

Sea freight or Air freight our global agents from various countries can get your cargo moving stress free. Work with the best.

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