5 Reasons You Need The Right International Logistics Providers

March 5, 2017 0Shipping Blogs

Finding which international logistics providers can help your goods is easy. If you have entered the game of international trade, as with most suppliers offshore, they are partnered up with a shipping company. the right shipping company in Australia can provide substantial information and services catered to you to help with your goods.

Reason 1: The right International logistics providers like Freelance Shipping ( of course us ) can help you and your goods move countries- There may be lots of different prices out there and people try to find the best price. The importer and exporter should always take into consideration, how is the shipping company asking about you and your business. Most circumstances a one size fit does not fit all regardless of the rates offered.

Reason 2: Build that relationship. International logistics providers have lost building relationships with their partners. When you have partnered and made a relationship with your shipping company, there may be more products you would like to import or export / know customs or quarantine requirements. Your shipping agent works with you ensuring that you always have the best possible modes of transport, compliance with regulatory bodies and saving you a substantial amount of money. A relationship serves a better long term investment than competing on rates.

Reason 3: Service. Have you ever loved how you enter a café and everybody knows you?. That’s how you should be when you call up your shipping company. They know who you are, your goods, the shipments and work. They know you. Find the right agent in Australia that when you call, they are looking after you and working with you. Many freight forwarders and customs brokers are lacking that skill set where they can spend time with their clients building their clients business.

International logistics providers – Easier, Simplified and Cost effective

Reason 4: It’s easier. When you have a great relationship and the service is good. Your shipments become a lot smoother. Not only is your compliance 5 star in accordance with government regulators but your shipment process becomes streamlined. International logistics providers like Freelance Shipping can work with you on the process. They understand where your supplier is, co-coordinating the freight rates, arranging it to your pricing and its very smooth sailing. This is great to avoid problems such as demur-rage fee ’s, Wharf storage, Quarantine/ Custom holds e.t.c. This can follow when somebody who doesn’t understand your business takes on your work via price alone.

Reason 5: You become a priority. No longer is your relationship that of seller and buyer. You have formed a partnership and friendship. This means you can openly discuss budgets, pricing, leniency towards payments and advice on future shipments. Your landed costs drastically reduced. When you are priority your agent will try to ensure your landed costings are lower than that of your competitors. When its tailored to you, it works!

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