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Customs Broker Melbourne

Are you looking for Customs clearance?

When you look for a customs broker Melbourne / Sydney / Brisbane always check up with one of our freight consultants at Freelance Shipping. We directly work with our partnered and independent customs broker who we have worked for and with for the last 12 years.

Yes, you heard it right, we directly engage with a firm that is mostly closed to the public who have well over 30+ years in working with customs. This includes the technicalities of all customs clearance.

Freelance Shipping can help you organise Freight, Customs clearance from my partners and transport directly through to your door.

Why do you Need customs clearance? – Get a FREE quote now !

When it comes to organising customs clearance with your customs broker Melbourne, Freelance Shipping will co-ordinate the clearance liaising with all parties at hand. All goods entering the country require customs clearance even if the overall price of the product is $1000 AUD.

Nothing gets past customs unless its been correctly declared. We have all watched border protection, so we know that Australia has the strictest Customs out.

Customs clearance teams

That’s why you need legitimate freight agents to help you overall tailor your freight transporting needs from start to finish.

What If I Imported goods through the post? Customs broker Melbourne

If you imported goods through the post then most likely you have had Australia post get in touch with you about clearing the goods from a customs broker. We can organise this for you and even organise delivery of the goods to your home if they are fragile or require special treatment.

Customs clearance teams will liaise with you on the goods and will lodge an import declaration to customs declaring the value of the goods, what they are and where they are heading.

Customs no longer allow people to clear it through the counter. It is best to contact us to arrange this on your behalf. Want to learn how to import?

What can the customs clearance consist of?  – Customs broker Melbourne / Sydney / Brisbane / ADL

Let us worry about ensuring that all your paperwork is accurate. We know exactly what your documentation requires including what links, templates, formats, free trade certificates. We have you covered.

Our teams even organise the right classification of the goods. Remember, Customs don’t go by descriptions. Customs always go by the tariff schedule. Your goods most likely is covered by the schedule and there may even be a concession in place that could help you get the goods duty free! – Check your brokers compliance Free tips!

Free Trade

Of course, if Australia has a free trade in place we could also help with in terms of lowering the duty. Just like accountants we work with our partners to ensure your clearances are the highest quality and you pay the government only what you need to.

So, if your looking for a customs broker Melbourne / Sydney or Beyond, let our staff know and we can organise this for you no problem.

How Much Does Customs Clearance Cost?

Customs Clearance can cost any price. It is also determined about who is doing the clearance, time the team must do the clearance etc. In our industry cheaply, paid clerks are made to create the import declaration for thousands of importers.

These guys have zero to no idea on what the requirements are or what to look for. Our guys are trained and have worked for brokerages for over 10 years. Freelance Shipping charges $99.00 for customs clearances Australia Wide.

That’s up to 5 lines of classifications for your goods. If its more then we will let you know. IF you have repeated shipments you may be able to qualify for a discount. Check with our guys first as we can save you more then you think!

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