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Freelance Shipping is part of the freight forwarders Australia group providing reputable and general advice on importation of products. New importers will always question what requirements are there from Customs and quarantine.

Our team with experienced staff are here to assist with those queries and save you a ton of money.


Freelance Shipping has consultants on hand ready to go with queries from importers. We have been in the industry for a long time and have the experience to help guide you.

This is crucial for importers or exporters looking at importing goods. It could be that you’ve just decided to add a new product to the line?

Perhaps you have just thought of something that’s in high demand that your customers will love! An offshore seller has just given you distribution rights, great!.

Our team is here to help you in organizing the freight and providing sound advice on what documentation you may need.

Getting the documentation Right

Depending on the product you are ordering, you may require a permit or import license. Freight Forwarders Australia Freelance Shipping can help with information in relation to the product you want to import.

Importers exporters need to understand the paperwork requirements for their products. Because Customs can sometimes be unforgiving. Having the right paperwork makes your importation or exportation an easy process. Due to not having the right paperwork, customs can dispose of and destroy your cargo.

Freight Forwarders Australia | Freelance Shipping – Background research

Freelance Shipping conducts background research on the requirements for the importer to clear his goods. Our specialized consultants can help to provide general advice and research into the product. With our knowledge of logistics and customs clearance requirements, you can rest assured we’re here to help.

With our help, we can guide you through the steps you need to take in ensuring that you have all the relevant paperwork for your product.

Research takes time. Without conducting proper checks and research there is a risk that the importer could pay highly for.

With the help of freight forwarders Australia company freelance Shipping, you have experienced consultants by your side that help to grow your business.

With your product knowledge and our experience. You’re in good hands.

Consultation Time

Working with your freight broker is essential.  Freight broker needs to understand your products. This consultation takes an enormous amount of time and homework. Look at it in terms of building a case. A lawyer must spend time looking into legislation, previous cases, and even the criminal history of the applicant.

If customs find out that the importer or the business has any sort of criminal background, they are more likely to instantly hold the consignment. Background checks would be conducted by customs and because of this, it can lead to storage of the cargo on the wharf.


Freight Forwarders Australia Company Freelance Shipping charges:

General Consultation: $80.00 excluding GST
This includes:
-Research and Analysis, obtaining specific information and history into the product and delivering the best mode of transport to their client. Taking time to research into specific products can be very time consuming. Let’s say you are wanting to import cleaning products.

Cleaning products can contain various chemicals and ingredients. Because of this, it can become time consuming.

Furthermore our consultants would have to speak to the manufacturer and obtain information of what the actual ingredients are. Run this through the prohibitions list for any banned chemicals.

Finally, we check with the Therapeutic Goods Association. Because they for one have a very strict criteria. Does it require a permit? Do we need any approvals? This all takes time. Most of all its having the parties come back to you with an answer.

Additional Help

Most of all, when you need superior freight forwarders Australia wide, our team can assist importers with their shipment.  In addition, our team can find the best modes of transportation for the cargo to reach their destination. Furthermore, Freelance Shipping arranges the shipping of goods between the supplier and the distributor. Yes, that’s right we communicate with every single party along the way.

Our team offers competitive costs based on the level of services a company needs. If you don’t have enough cargo for an FCL, we can either help by consolidating it as an LCL or moving it via air freight.

This can be organized due to the small volume.  As a result, this can lower your freight cost.

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