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Freight forwarders Sydney based company Freelance Shipping have extensive experience in shipping and logistics. We are a proud team of Freelancers that have worked within the industry for well over 5-10 years. Grab a quote from us or contact us for anything you require!


Freelance Shipping was developed for the small and medium sized business owners that required personalised service.  Is there a time now, that a company treats your business as well as it should? Whether you are looking for price competitiveness to start your business or you require the industry expertise. Freelance Shipping has been worked from the ground up as part of the freight Forwarders Sydney structured company to bring you what most of our competitors cannot. Loyalty and trust.

FCL – Freelance shipping | Freight Forwarders Sydney

Most importers or exporters that are new to the idea of international trade would like some knowledge of how to get their freight moving. You have just struck an exciting and worthwhile deal for your business with your offshore supplier. The supplier comes back to you and asks how you would like to proceed with the shipping? This can be left with some doubt as to what mode would be cost effective and easier on the transport move. Door to Door is still a great option.

Full Container Load

FCL stands for Full Container Load. You may have a FCL shipment and not even know that it could be cheaper to move it via an FCL service then merging your goods with some one else’s goods within a container.  It can be more cost effective and an easier flow of goods moving to your warehouse. This all depends on the contract the importer made and their personal requirements of transporting the container to their warehouse.

People usually ask “how do I know if a FCL service is required for the move?”. Well here’s a little tip to get you started. Always find out the dimensions of the freight you have just purchased or ordered. Length x width x height can get you the dimensions. Anything under 16000 kg is a safe bet to work with. Something above the 9-10 cubic metre mark and you may be able to have a full container shipment ready to go. Work these figures and seek consultation from freight forwarders Sydney Company, Freelance Shipping.

Price Comparison

A well developed and experienced freight agent will always acquire 2 quotes when the cubic meters of a sea freight consignment is within the Full container (FCL) mode or the Lesser container mode ( LCL ). We will talk more about LCL later.  The freight broker will obtain the most cost-efficient quote for you depending on your circumstances. At times out of China or the U.S, you would be able to ship a full container with 17 cubic meters of freight for a little less than $1000 USD. That’s a lot of cargo for a small price and possibly including customs clearance.

LCL – Less container load

You have probably heard of an LCL movement. This typically takes place when you have cargo that doesn’t warrant you having to move the goods in a full container move. This mode of transport can start from 1 cubic meter all the way through to 9-10 cubic meters of freight. Remember that every 1 m3 / cubic meter of freight is equivalent to 1000kg gross.

Freight Forwarders Sydney Company Freelance Shipping can help to provide you whether an LCL or an FCL service would be more optimal. We as an undisputed team can help deliver what service is best for your budget, time, and delivery.  YOU can rely on our team and our respected partners to deliver excellence in service and management of your consignment.

Options of Transport

There are other modes of transport that we can help you with. Although we are freight forwarders Sydney based we can also help your cargo move interstate. There are currently a lot of manufacturers we work with that are based out in country towns. Freelance Shipping team members also specialize in movements from anywhere in the globe to port destinations like Brisbane and Melbourne. We are a 1 stop shop for the importer that requires that time process of moving their freight.

Air Freight – Need a price on Air Freight

Airfreight has always been the quickest solution when moving small quantities of freight. Importers also use the service if they require the goods straight away. They can co-ordinate an air freight movement with us so they get their cargo within a day or 2. But what’s the catch?

>Well we all know something that becomes the priority will cost more. Airfreight is the most expensive route that an importer or exporter can take to move the goods. It is also the most practical when it comes to time. Although it is expensive you can be guaranteed that the service is much quicker and at times less of a problem down at the airlines.

Air couriers like Fedex / DHL / EMS Vs Freight Forwarders Sydney Company Freelance Shipping

New importers sometimes become burred at when to call a freight forwarder into the picture or to use the services of an air courier like FedEx. If a consignment is for instance 1 package for 50kgs, then this would be something that an air courier would be able to move.  This is because air couriers like DHL and FedEx have their own freighter planes and only carry cargo. Every weekend these planes come into town with your shipment. Yes, their service leads you a bit stuck and wary of charges. Unfortunately, if your cargo is not large enough then the freight forwarder Sydney, Melbourne, or anywhere else cannot help due to the small volume you are importing.


Freelance shipping can also help you to make refrigerated container moves and transporting the hazardous chemical. Our real specialty lies in the movement of vehicles from places like Japan, the UK, and the U.S. Perhaps you know somebody or yourself that really wants to import a specialized vehicle from overseas. Were the guys to make this dream happen for you. With the right service and price. Our prices are very competitive rest assured you can sit back and become an international importer.


Get in touch with us today or head over to the contact page to get a quick quote. We can help with services for trucking, clearance, freighting anything regarding shipping. We have some great deals on so take advantage and get a bargain.

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