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When you need superior freight forwarders Australia wide our team can assists both importers and exporters with international trade practices.  Our team find the best modes of transportation for the cargo to reach their final destination. Freelance Shipping arranges the shipping of goods between the supplier and the distributor, liaising with all the internal and external parties along the way.

Our team offers competitive costs based on the level of services a company needs. Freelance Shipping can also lower prices to a specific company by making arrangements with other businesses. We do this by taking the company’s shipments and consolidating them. We then take the shipments from other businesses to create a single load to transport the goods to its destination. This method cuts the price of freight charges substantially.

Consultation Advantages

Freelance Shipping as a freight forwarder generally specialises in one type of service area, market or mode of transportation. This can allow a company to pick and choose how many shipping services the freight forwarder should handle. This gives the company more control over how its shipment is handled.

This is done by understanding your type of product. Our consultant knows with whom to book the appropriate routes and the best type of shipping transportation for your needs.  This ensures your shipment reaches its destination in the same condition as when it left the warehouse.

We also have knowledge and expertise regarding importing and exporting products through customs and quarantine services. Our consultants have the most current information regarding the customs regulations of other countries and can fill out all the necessary paperwork and tariff.  This prevents your shipment from sitting in the loading dock while you decide how to fill in each and every box on the paperwork.

Another of our advantages is that Freelance Shipping Consultants includes trade-related services and advice on a one on one basis. Such services consist of handling all documentation for shipments, such as the bill of lading and bank papers to release payment. Our Freelance Consultants also offers insurance services for all shipped products and manages the inventory so the accurate amount of products is transported.

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