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Freelance shipping are logistics companies Sydney based, that provide export services to anywhere in the world!. You heard that right. Our special team of freelancers can co-ordinate your cargo to remote areas of Australia and beyond.  Exporting your goods may be a daunting task. Leave it in the hands of Freelance Shipping to sort it all out for you.

What can we do – Logistics Companies Sydney Exports

Freelance Shipping can organise your export from the factory right through to your customers door. Our team keeps things simple by keeping you in the loop but taking care of the job. We understand that business owners have a lot going on. We prefer to do what we do best whilst the exporter and owner can concentrate expanding their firm.

Organising an export can be sometimes stressful. Especially when you are new to this and don’t know the whole process of exporting. Just organising the whole packaging of your goods can be a lot to do, let alone having to worrying about how to transport your cargo from your base to the wharf.

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This is where freelance shipping comes in. We understand as business owners ourselves there’s a lot that goes on and needs to be done. Due to this reason Freelance shipping has come up with procedures to help our clients in taking care of their export business. This not only takes a lot of the stress away but helps maintain a smooth sailing of your export.  As a result of this, it also saves exports not only time and hassle but money.  Our service does not compromise service for lower costs. We provide both continuing to improve our relations with you.

Services – Logistics Companies Sydney and Australia wide Exports

  • Handling of Door to Door exports
  • Wharf transportation
  • Export declaration
  • Container hire
  • Wharf slot bookings
  • FCL and LCL deliveries
  • Export Air Consignments
  • AHEC Code Classification
  • Liaising with 3rd parties – Domestic and International
  • Freight Insurance
  • Receival Advice


Time Matters

Logistics Companies Sydney – Time plays a important part when exporting. In saying this, all exported cargo needs to be checked in at the wharf before the cut off. This is something most people don’t understand.

Time and time again we have come across customers calling up requesting a export to be organised. In their understanding cargo can be exported immediately. This can’t happen if its via sea freight. For urgent exports we suggest to take the air freight route. Quick and reputable. No Time wasting.

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