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Whether you have a full container (FCL) or less (LCL) of the same product we can get you moving. We also do FCX which is a mixed container of all your different products.  As part of the freight forwarders Sydney agent, Freelance Shipping Pty understand’s how a small business work. Including how valuable personalized service can be. This is how we have made our mark as a leading freight forwarder in Australia.

Our personalized approach ensures that we come up with the best delivery plan for your products, specific to the industry, time frame and by price. We will take care of your domestic and international freight shipping in Australia, from our office in Sydney not from a call center overseas! Our team will not only plan the most effective shipping method, but also find the most competitive freight shipping costs in Australia and the most competitive international freight shipping rates making sure you can save every cent where possible.

We have moved everything from a Panda (yes really!) to cars to office furniture to bicycles and children’s toys. The possibilities are endless, and they don’t have to be by land or sea, we also arrange AIR freight services.
As among well known Freight Forwarders Sydney companies, Freelance Shipping has earned customer confidence due to:

  • Competence
  • Loyalty
  • Resources


We focus to provide superior international air/ sea  freight forwarding, shipping clearance and supply chain management partnerships that deliver sustainable competitive advantages. We can also help get new importers to various trusted suppliers. Our networks are trusted but we have excellent offshore partners who can recommend a new supplier to you. We focus our attention
on you and your business. We hope to ensure that your business grows and would love to be part of it.

Get in touch today on your shipping requirements or any further planned shipments as we welcome the opportunity to discuss your cargo needs and our capabilities in depth with you.

If you have any query regarding what customs or requirements there may be, don’t forget to drop us an email with the query.

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