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Freight forwarders Melbourne and Sydney based Freelance Shipping Pty Ltd specialise in Door to Door service globally.

Our experienced team on one hand do all your heavy lifting and on the other hand provide your business with a door to door service. Our team of skilled freight consultants will organise an efficient pathway for your goods to reach you from anywhere across the globe but without comprising time.

Freelance Shipping work hand in hand with authorities to make sure we cover all the necessities. However, we need your help, so every detail is covered and your  precious cargo can reach you smoothly and safely. This means that you won’t have to struggle to decipher and translate legal documents on your own rather we do it for you. We work with you but make sure every little detail is planned and completed. This saves you time nor do you have to stress about every little detail.  In spite of many importers wanting to do it themselves their happy to let the experts work the magic.

Damaged Freight – Your covered – Freight Forwarders Melbourne and Sydney

Our clients always end up asking us about damaged freight and if this is covered. Nevertheless we always askour client to have insurance. However if they are not sure how to go about the insurance we also provide this service to ensure peace of mind to our clients. Freight Forwarders Melbourne , Sydney and nationally should All try to help their clients improve the process

Why are D2D shipments really good? – Grab a quote today!

Door to Door shipments are great for startup business. This will help them understand the paperwork , processes involved and determine what fits in with them. To determine this we encourage our clients to speak to us about times, delivery modes and storage. FCL or LCL moves via  door to door are common. Rates are then quoted based on what service level they require.  If you think of how busy the world has become today you can understand that time is precious. An option is to let us do the hard yards for you when organizing the shipment. Yes this means from A-Z, exactly what this service is. We will organise and move your goods from the suppliers factory right to your door!.

D2d – Door to Door – Services involved

What is actually covered in a door to door movement?. Well the whole move consists of various steps in handling the cargo. Cargo is picked up from the suppliers door. Depending where the factory is and what the cargo is can determine what sort of truck / transport is required.  Freight is then packed and organised for the shipping yard. Sometimes its going to go air freight so off to the air terminal if that’s the case!.

Once the cargo is on the boat, we track and ensure what the vessel or aircraft is doing. We monitor your goods every step of the way dealing with anything that could forecast a problem. The whole service includes everything needed for the goods to reach your door step. That includes wharf payments, custom clearance and delivery!.

Incoterms –

Freelance Shipping freight forwarders Melbourne and Sydney provide services for all incoterms. Your supplier has just sold you the goods via FOB incoterm. Freelance shipping can provide an optimal service for any incoterm that you have agreed with your supplier. Thats right whether its FOB, CIF or Exworks our team who are experienced professionals can tailor make the service.

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