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Freelance Shipping is a global logistics forwarder providing the right customer service for all your shipping and cargo needs. We stand proud in providing the highest levels of service to small business owners. There’s no transferring you to another department. On the contrary our customer approach is personalised.

When you need to be informed on the shipping of your cargo, our experienced team know about it and answer to you in a prompt and timely manner. We have been in the freight forwarding industry for over 10 years but also offer real understanding of you and your business.

Put your import and export shipping in safe hands. All our staff have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in logistics and are English fluent. We understand you, so open your door to us for a delivery of unrivalled pricing and service. Never the less we cater too small business’s who need have a competitive edge gained from our knowledge and skills. We love competing, against the big forwarders who we have worked for and know their short falls.  Speak to us today regarding your cargo and small business needs. Or if you have a query send us an email.

Key Players

Aiden  – Freight Agent

Aiden  has been working in the freight and global logistics Industry for over 14 years. He has worked from large Multi national freight forwarding companies including small
Customs brokerage firms developing his skills from the bottom up. Aiden started from working as a cargo driver straight out of school, rather then short falling his skills, Aiden developed into working with multi national Companies that would allow him to travel and work offshore.


With this gained experienced including in depth knowledge of  import / export freight forwarding and customs brokerage practices, he has developed structural strategies for the company. . A problem that he found was that big companies were more concerned about volume then attending to the small customers. On one hand it meant more profit to concentrate on larger volume customers but on the other, we need small business’s to come up. While this may be true about profits, everybody started small.  Aiden and his colleagues have helped setup our firm to establish a practice aimed at giving new starter or small Import / Export traders a chance to compete with some of the big volume importers. However the most contacted companies are larger companies looking at his personalised experience/ service or with a special movement.

List of Skills

  • Few key skills of Aiden’s  background:
  • Operations of Air / Sea Cargo movement – FCL / LCL Consolidation
  • Movement of Live Animals
  • Quarantine Procedures / requirements
  • Customs Procedures /Requirements
  • Transport Solutions
  • Customs Tariff / legislation
  • Knowledge of Tariff Concessions
  • Tradex / Customs Valuation of goods
  • International Movement Strategies
  • Personal Effects
  • Overlooking Agent development programs
Sonia – Freight Agent / Customer Service Manager

Sonia has been in the industry for well over 12 years. She has developed extensive knowledge and practices of Customs and Quarantine matters relating to customs clearance, classifying and compiling. Sonia has worked for larger firms where she had started as a data entry analyst but her skills grew when she became the Customer service manager of a large firm.

Whilst her years in the logistics business she had moved up the ladder as a Key Account / Customer Service Manager. However she still wanted to test her talents and skills on her own. Sonia has developed key clientele over the years and overlooks the handling of daily operational tasks. She is one to have on your side or you may find that she is a highly developed opponent in the logistics industry.

She has in depth skills relating to the knowledge of moving goods import Air and Sea modes. Movement requirements of cargo, budgets / Accounts  along with strong detail
in Tariff Classification and Quarantine Commodity Requirements.


Her strong persona and skills in overseas negotiations has served as useful key talent in our organisation but mainly her organisation skills has served as a leading example of true leadership. Sonia is a global strategist thinker and  has developed transport solutions over the years for her clients who have a great  long standing relationship with her over the years.Rather then concentrating on profits she concentrated on her customer. She has always been trusted by her clients in managing their shipments and is a key trouble shooter when it comes down to customs tailored movements via Sea. If you have a problem but nobody can help she is your solution with great listening and customer service skills. Rather then looking at anybody else, find her first as she has developed a knack to solve problems consistently.

If you have a shipment in trouble or you need some advice, she can help with her lengthy world of experience.

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