How to Import Goods from Vietnam

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Tips from Freight Forwarders

Freelance Shipping has extended experience in the freight forwarding and shipping industry. Today we are going to look at some various ways on How to import goods from Vietnam.
Freelance Shipping from Vietnam to Australia can help you as an importer or exporter every step of the way. We can personalise your freight movements from anywhere in vietnam to your door in Australia or vice versa.
Our services include include the whole package.

That means that not only can we move your goods from origin to your destination but also the hassle free part of conducting Customs clearance!
We offer:
Sea Freight
Air Freight
Warehouse and Packing services
Right lets Dive in!

Import Goods from Vietnam – Tip 1

If you have decided you want to import goods from Vietnam to Australia that we would suggest finding a reputable supplier. This supplier can be found either from your travels into Vietnam itself, through a purchasing agent in Vietnam or even Alibaba.
We highly recommend to always do background checks regarding the suppliers as some tend to new and the quality of the goods can differ from the pictures.

Always ensure that you make the proper checks on the company and keep in consistant communication.
Highly responsive suppliers are always better to deal with especially when their may be any issues you have regarding the products in itself.

How to Import Goods from Vietnam – Tip 2!

When considering to import goods from vietnam we highly suggest to sticking in the capital cities of Vietnam. There are many reputable suppliers in Ho Chin Minh and the freight costs are alot cheaper for the new importer.

We also recommend the new importer to always ensure that they receive samples prior to the purchasing of stock. This way you can be assured that the quality and price is measured to your expectations. Customer service in the main cities are of much higher quality.

Exporting from vietnam Tip 3

What if your an exporter and you need a market in Australia? Exporting from Vietnam can have its perks as the Australian market is always in demand for vietnamese products. We have spoken to numerous importers that says quality and price go hand in hand. Communication is of the highest priority along with safe pay methods.

We recommend to suppliers that are exporting from vietnam to ensure that they use a safe platform, exceptional english when speaking to the importers and a reputable forwarder that can handle the goods effectively.

Try to explain to the importers about incoterms and if you don’t understand them as of yet, you may want to check up on the most used incoterms. Read above if you still require help with how to import goods from vietnam.

Which Freight method is best for me? Import goods from vietnam.

When considering how to import goods from vietnam or exporting, it’s always useful to get the dimensions and cargo weights to your forwarder straight away. Our services interact with both parties to provide the most cost effecient way of getting your freight to your door.
Remember that Airfreight can get costly.

It is mostly used in situations where the cargo is urgently required. Sea freight is used for volume cargo and is your bang for buck. We can help you tailor your goods so that the price and volume meets your expectations.

If you need services out of Vietnam Contact us today. We’re here to provide you with industry expertise and a high standard of customer service. Speak to us today to get your freight moving.

import goods from vietnam


Here is a great video to learn more: Import goods from vietnam

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