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Freelance Shipping:  International Trade –History  and Future

International Import and export companies have been the corner stone of our society  since the dawn of timeThroughout history everything including man themselves have been evolving. We can see accomplishments that once what produced an awe of excitement and profoundness of technological advancement. Now it is just another house hold device, or a norm.

How did it start? Innovation, the spreading of so many ideas, inventions and wonderous creative works.

Where did it go?

This day and age we always resort to trying to maximize profit. Whether it’s in our jobs, working for your own self or striving to accomplish success. Some regard monetary means of success. Individuals always consider what business is going to make them rich. Sorry to tell you, life doesn’t work that way. Success comes in many forms. Monetary is just one of the benefits of an talented and bright artists. I call them an artist, you may know them as entrepreneurs, innovators and the talented individuals. They just seem to be great at anything they put their minds to especially if it was to start international import and export companies.  Most people need to realise how easy it can be to learn how to import with the right guidance.

When we look at our current society everybody is in a mad rush to do what everyone else is. Nobody thinks of entering an international trade game of finesse, longevity. Never have they taught in schools about becoming a manufacturer and supplier of goods. Perhaps even an importer that distributes exotic materials.

Learning Entrepreneurship

What bothers me that our schools are more inclined to structure a person towards becoming a worker then a model of principle and entrepreneurship.

Let’s take a look at history for International import and export companies in general. For thousands of years humans have traded and sold goods to one another. Whether it be in pursuit of passion or wealth. From creating something at home to the far-fetched waters of estranged lands in bringing exotic goods. Artifacts, sculptures, utilities you name, there was always an avenue.  Merchants were bringing silks to Rome, spice from India to the British crown, and innovations of art from Europe to the world. Its been around since humans were risen from the dust.

When we think and analyse the strategies of moving goods across the sea, land or air and freighting goods, nowadays people just think of E bay or Amazon.  Nobody really gives thought of how much skill it takes and the warranted value one can obtain in becoming a importer or supplier. There was so much history in being a trader. Now days less and less people want to dive into a market that started new worlds. Why?


There are so many options available, choices on every plate. Majority of the time there is no education or schooling towards the avenue. Most of it seems to be persuading people into lifeless jobs, with the pursuit of a high income. You’re not really building anything or leaving an empire behind. It’s a sure way, for people to ensure that the talented stay controlled in their avenues by not harnessing, their creativity and pursuit to challenge world economics. It makes sense to pursue careers of what’s been talked about among friends and family

Let’s look at import export options

Drop shipping and e commerce has literally taken over. Worst being drop shipping. A cheap way of being the middle man without ever meeting your client and selling them goods. Small price hike to make your profit and your done. What sort of shipper or traders are these. International import and exp

companies have a solid foundation. Drop shippers are the ones who never look at the big picture that’s my opinion. Claiming of this is what they pronounce today as door to door shipping. It’s small scale work and not something you could ever build a legacy off. Why waste the time, your better off learning about how to conduct exports.


There are even in this day platforms where one can become an instant shipper or supplier of goods. Pop up modules that tell of success. Franchisee’s packages to name one.  Using 3rd party logistic companies such as TNT, and DHL to move the goods. No storing of goods. There is no skill required, very little creativity in the product you sell. Sell what products they give you and no means of building a customer basis via face to face. People trust people and not screens.

The land you are on now has been built or started from a tremendous amount of historical trade. Importations of livestock, timber, stone, you name it, has probably made its way here during the early colonial era. So, I say to you, if it’s been working for thousands of years, importing or exporting items, creating value and building our economies then why not now? Would it not be a stable pursuit and one that is not mentioned in everyday society?  Of course, because it’s not where people go in this day and age, but if you read the fine lines nobody mentions, it truly does open the door for opportunity!

International Import and Export Companies – Conventional Shipping

Conventional shipping has been the cornerstone of building empires for generations. You may think and ask. What the hell is this guy talking about with history and empires. You must understand how international trade played such a significance over the years more so then most trades or business structures. The value of it comes from how long its historically been going on.

Well to put it bluntly some of the most successful businesses started from a long-term approach of either bringing goods that people required or wanted. This was done by travelling abroad and realising what product is in high demand off shore.

Travel Bugs – Do They Really Know?

Travel bugs can tell you all about the mountain and grass they want. But the trade merchant who travels the world naturally can see opportunity or where the market is void.

For instance, say. You have an idea. Perhaps you can create something. something that will change the world? ok too far… let’s say you make something that could be profitable. Time and energy is spent into perfecting the item, planning for packaging, brand and soon you launch your success. You hit the market head on and yes like us all you got hit with a brick wall.  Customers. Nobody said acquiring them is easy. However, we have the internet, a wondrous tool if used correctly. Millions of millions of people are around the world and you can get to them without lifting your back side off the chair. Is this not a benefit of becoming an exporter an joining the successful group of international import and export companies and founders?.

Conventional Profit growths

Imagine the profits and growth of raising a firm part of the international import and export companies worldwide . You don’t need to target the schmuck at the local grocery store you can target every sort of person in the world. Easy to receive payments and do trade.  Exporters are the backbone of most countries. Nobody looks at who’s the best at fixing a computer. More so, how much trade does this country conduct and what their major exports are. Your winning.

Yet conventional shipping as with everything is like the growth of a bamboo tree. It can take time, in developing your success. Conventional shipping as I like to call it, is when you warehouse the goods transport them and manage the logistics all the way to the door of your customer.

You have to battle office negotiations, deadlines, language, cultural barriers, air and sea freight minimal, harsh customs, conniving merchants and tax men ready to eat you up. Yes, even oddly hoping that your goods don’t end up at the bottom of the ocean due to a natural disaster. Yes, they do exist and they don’t just live in your wall paper on your screen.

Import Scene?

Perhaps you want to get into importing? Organising to ship products directly from a travel location you have been. Bringing back items that the average person cannot but a high demand and profit lurk in its shadow. Negotiating with offshore suppliers, agents, visiting trade shows and extensive travel along with adjusting to culture.  You will learn how different countries and culture have their own sort of etiquette and professionalism when they conduct business. Even the shady tactics you get to learn around the globe when you undertake your journey. You can’t find this sort of exciting and exhilarant work working at subway or pushing paper all day! its what you can get when you open your own group of international import and export companies.

So, what makes a person endure so much, learn and push to the worlds end. Only the best. A supplier or importer deals with more obstacles, physical and in nature then most presume. International import and export companies founders require a lot of dedication, focus and ambition.With time and patience if they are not culled they become one of the backbone pushers of our countries imports and exports. Their moving the country and contributing directly to its success. What happens next? Well if you survive and you are talented, smart and business savvy you will grow perhaps not in the first year or second, but you will grow.

Bamboo Philosophy

Remember what they say, bamboo trees shoot only in their 5th year. All that time there’s no sign. You can water it, soil it and fertilise it all you want but nothing of a sprout until years later. They say its building its roots creating the foundations under the soil to shoot up in the clouds for its magnificent growth.  Make the foundations and you will grow

Why not drop shipping

You know I don’t like anything that’s not long term. Drop shipping would be like the cheap version of a branded hand bag. You can never meet your clients face to face, building trust and conducting sales. You never really see what you sell apart from a description and picture. There’s really no way of knowing what the customer gets.

I mean you don’t have the stock on hand, your relying on a 3rd party to provide the service without inspection. Red flags right here.  Even when you think you know your products. With conventional warehousing and selling of goods, you meet your customers.

Then you can guarantee quality, brand and service. The product grows on you as you have a firm interest in what it can deliver. Your business will grow, and you will be on an international level. Its not on a domestic level selling shoes or something delivering it through the post. No. You have become as our past merchants have. Part of the international import and export companies that deliver services worldwide.

The Ring

What a ring to it. Not a bloody accountant pushing paper all day. You’re here dealing with the whole world. Your mind creating strategies that push your business forward watching trending markets. Everyday your making global decisions based on exchanges, fluctuations of markets it’s an endless endeavour with reward.

With time your business can also set its mark in countries you import or export to. You never know if your client might sell and its a developing country where your currency is better. You buy their business and branch out your business offshore creating more jobs and wealth.

Conclusion of History

Romans built their legacy and history like this. It’s risky I can tell you that. But success comes with risk and risks come with bravery. How brave are you?

Can you create an international trading company as an importer or exporter? Will you have the patience to pass down your milestone to the generations after you. Are you really the Alpha that can create jobs and put food on your workers table? Its an industry not for the faint hearted.

It all starts with something small. So if your ready to dive into a world of customs brokers, ships, planes, trucks deadlines and hurricanes. Then your ready to make your name in our history as part of the international import and export companies world wide.

History is not forgotten.

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