Moving abroad for your new job but worried about air freight services? Having a new baby and eagerly awaiting mom’s handmade jumper and special treats? Need important papers delivered on time? Dabbling in business and need your goods on time? Air Freight services today connect a globalised world, fitting in the jigsaw puzzles of people and places, cravings and desires for food, clothing, lifestyle and living. But things changed in 2019, triggered by a pandemic that brought air freight services to a halt. In 2021, a new vaccine in the horizon promises a revival of the thriving air freight services. Here are few things to keep in mind before selecting air freight services in 2021.

Availability of Air Freight Services

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With the COVID-19 pandemic causing serious disruptions in sea and air freight consulting services, the former particularly so with long port hauls and custom restrictions, availability of air freight services is the biggest question. According to the International Air Transport Associations’ (IATA) monthly market report, the amount of available airlift for cargo in January 2021 was less than 2019. What it translates to is, pressure on cargo owners and logistic companies, having to pay through their nose and deal with reservation delays to guarantee spots on passenger or all –cargo carriers.

Air Freight to transport COVID-19 vaccines

An estimated 7.4 billion parcels are flown each year, and approximately 2.5 million lives are saved every year thanks to vaccines shipped via air, according to the IATA. Air cargo has been critical in the global fight against COVID-19, transporting vital equipment and medicines to those that have needed them most. With the much anticipated arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine, the air freight industry and the pharmaceutical cold chain logistics companies are encumbered with pressure to execute an unprecedented worldwide distribution effort. Understandably this will be priority over other air freight services offered to end customers.

Freight contributes to supply chain costs

The air cargo services market is segmented into air mail and air freight. That freight is the biggest contributor to supply chain costs is well known. But in 2021, businesses and individual using air freight services have to educate themselves about all aspects of freight including hidden costs, which might affect them. Costs such as duty charges, GST, storage charge, demurrage charges, detention charges, quarantine charges, inspection charges, and waiting time charges can add up to a lot.

Air Freight services are set to grow in 2021, with the industry making recoveries after the COVID-19 slump. According to the “Air Cargo Services Global Market Report 2021”, released by the Business Research Company, air freight services have seen a 15% compound growth from 2020 to 2021, with trends indicating further growth in the years to come.

Time as a factor for Cost

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One of the most obvious reasons for businesses and individuals to choose air freight over sea freight is time taken in transit. Air freight is the appropriate choice for those who want their freight urgently and are willing to pay a higher price for shipping. However, before one takes on air freight as the obvious choices for determining urgency, it is good to research all options. For examples shipping

from Shanghai to Australia by sea in some cases can take as little as 13 days. As end consumers and businesses, it is important that all information on time, source and destination is sought before making one choice over another. The other thing to check is insurance premiums for air freight and sea freight before deciding what to go with.

Air Freight and Carbon footprints

Many business and individuals place great importance on having a “green” brand or targeting environmentally conscious markets, and sea freight is generally more environmentally friendly than air freight. One such study taken up by the Department of Education, Food and Rural Affairs in the UK, conducted a study on greenhouses gases and found 44 times more emissions by CO2e by air freight services providers.

Load Capacity and Air Freights

Ocean shipping wins hands down in shipping heavy and bulky cargo much easier than air freight. Air freight is also restricted by fewer destinations, while ocean freights can cover large continents. Ocean shipping offers storage facilities at much lesser costs than air freights which can increase supply chain cost tremendously.

Lastly, throughout the course of this pandemic, air freight costs have risen significantly, partly due to high demand and limited capacity but also driven greatly by increase in e-commerce services and continuing demand for medical supplies. As businesses and individuals make the decision to transport their goods, it is wise to triangulate costs with competitor offerings which may include faster shipping or stock in hand options.

Streamlining trade, carrier discipline, digitization and a slew of other reforms marked the changing face of the cargo shipping industry, hit hard by Covid-19 pandemic. Latest expert figures indicate a rapidly evolving sea freight service industry, which has been able to regulate prices and ease business. Wondering what sea freight charges and cargo shipping will look like in 2021? Read on…

Sea freight has always been the solution for those who were looking to get their goods from one place to another, especially because it is cheaper than other types of freight. Cargo ships allow transportation of heavy good , sometimes on distant shores that are inaccessible by air travel. Today, sea freight is an important part  of  international trade that has been growing for many years. It is an economical and convenient mode of transport for freight shipping industry. The rapid development of this sector has led to the development of various kinds of businesses micro-managing services for end to end customer satisfaction.

Much of this industry was affected by the devastating  COVID-19  pandemic  that  continues to wreck people and economies. Severe and harsh  border  closures  have meant delays in trade, ports under lockdown and sea freight services delayed over  months. The sea freight services industry suffered in particular due to lack of digitization, carrier consolidations, tariff war and economic turmoil. Yet there has been a resilient navigation towards better times. This article looks at the rapidly evolving sea freight services industry in 2021 and lists the advantages of using sea freight services in 2021.

Stable Freight Cost in the COVID-19 era?

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Shipping experts have always predicted on a bright future of sea freight. In 2016, the  prices of ocean freight services were down 11%, and the decline was expected to continue, till COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works. But surmounting the odds, sea freight services have been able to align supply with demands, and consolidation and acquisitions have meant efficiency and reduced costs.

According to Fitch Ratings, Global container shipping companies’ performance will be strong in 2021, after a profitable 2020 and even though spot freight rates will remain high in the short term, it will flow through to contracted rates for 2021. That is good news for those wanting to take up cargo shipping from international shores.

Industry experts predict stable freight charges with the expectation that as the economies gradually open up again, sea freight services will be back manifold, and the competition will keep rates at current low levels to aid the final consumer. The falling fuel prices is set to offset some of the immediate impact of lower shipping rates, again helping the end consumer.

Smarter Shipping in 2021

The world of sea freight shipping made a remarkable turn towards adapting technology in 2020. According to Alan Murphy, CEO of Sea- Intelligence, it was the response to the pandemic that changed the face of the industry, which was previously dragging on adapting technology. Applying digital capabilities solved issues of workflow, reduced

human errors and increased productivity, with the end goal  of  benefitting  customers using sea freight services. According to the UNCTAD report, “COVID-19 and Maritime Transport: Impact and Responses”, COVID-19, led the way for digitization of maritime supply chain actions, which included the adaption of cyber security and paperless procedures.  The buzz word for 2021 is reliable online remote procedures,  improvement  in terms of transparency and flexible supply change based on real-time impact, better manpower management systems, and integration of more digitized and paperless workflow, introduction of automation and enhancement of IT capabilities.

What does it mean for those wanting to use sea freight services? When the threat of the virus subsides, with the vaccines out in the market, ports and carries will be trained and upgraded in digital tools, which would have superseded manual processes. Many  will  want to keep up the momentum, brought on by adapting technology to be ready for any future waves of this virus, or the emergence of the next one.

Reducing carbon footprints

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2020 was a turning point for the shipping industry not only in its handling of the COVID-19 crisis but also in embracing cleaner and sustainable fuels. With the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) putting it directives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cut down sulphur fuel used in cargo ships, shipping companies have been forced to adapt greener fuels. The IMP 2020 low sulphur fuel usage regulation is a major initiative to address issues of reducing carbon footprints and addressing sustainability.

Using Artificial Intelligence for Tracking

One of the most searched terms on the internet for shippers in 2020 was “tracking”. Transparency and tracking of sea freight is one of the most viable reasons for growth. With the adaption of Artificial Intelligence, smart container tracking, gives both companies and end users predictive insights and assurances to manage their containers effectively (for the former) and assured product delivery. Additionally, IoT devises with sensors can send out real time alerts to notify shippers when their goods are departing or arriving at the port. These features could enhance customer experiences and improve ocean carriers operations resulting in better services in 2021.

Pressure on Air Freight for COVID-19 vaccines and PPE

With a COVID-19 vaccine ramping up for mass production and distribution, shippers must be aware that the air cargo capacity will be consumed by vaccine movements and the movement of any urgent cargo by air next year resulting in more costly and unpredictable air freight. At the other end, the container shipping line industry will take into account the disruptions in supply chain caused in 2020 and will rework capacity management by ascertaining the global demand for each trade lane early in order to support the trade including shippers and ports with optimal freight forwarder pricing.

Year of Re-surgence for the Sea Freight and Cargo Shipping Industry

There are endless possibilities with what has been an invigorating  beginning  for  the cargo shipping industry. There have been peaks and plateaus with the ever changing

face of the virus, which the new vaccines promises to decimate. 2021 promises to be a year of re-emergence and re-hauling of the sea freight and cargo shipping industry.

Custom Clearance for Imported Goods

Keeping up with changing custom rules and regulations is a challenging task both for importers and exporters. Custom clearance in the COVID-19 era can also mean unexpected fees, misclassifications of cargo, complicated documentations, all of which  can affect your business, by creating unwanted delays and costs. In this article we tell you everything you need to know about customs clearance Brisbane in 2021.

Custom clearance for imported goods

Basics of Custom Clearance

1. Check shipping regulations:

Every country will have variations in regulations  in terms of what it allows to be imported or All business need to be fully aware of licensing, special provisions and restrictions and prohibited goods in the country one is shipping to.

2. Prepare Documentation:

It is important to have the entire paper-work ready in advance to avoid border hold-up. These may include documents  like  commercial invoices and product descriptions. There are numerous agencies and  contractors who  can help with It is recommended to find a government approved service provider.

3. Duties and Taxes:

There are varies import duties and taxes that may be  applicable  for different products. They may vary according to the destination and  the  shipment value. Make sure you are fully aware of what you or the receiver will have to

Custom Clearance Process in Australia

The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service manage customs that allows the cross- border movement of goods. It requires business that are importing or exporting goods to fill out a list of tasks and documents. Any shipment, personal or commercial worth over  $1000 requires a custom entry, which then determines the duty and GST rates applicable. Again, depending on the nature of the goods, importers might also need to obtain permits to clear certain imports from custom control. Personal effects entering Australia are subject to biosecurity control and checks because they could allow the entry of pests and diseases

In Australia, in addition to duties on import, there also exists a custom import declaration processing fee.

Documentation Required for Customs Clearance of Commercial Sea or Air Freight Consignments:

  1. A legible copy of the airway bill, bill of lading or ocean bill of
  2. A completed FCL or LCL packing declaration
  3. Commercial invoice/s
  4. Packing list/s (if any)
  5. Any certificate/s of origin or Free Trade Agreement (FTA) statements that may be applicable
  6. A fumigation certificate which should be presented to us for any wooden packing or items that have been

This is not an exhaustive list, to find out about the requirements online/importing-by-post-or-mail

If you are an Australian business you may be eligible for tariff concessions if  you  are importing a product that has no known manufactures in Australia, who can make its substitute. You may also be eligible for a concession if you are producing the same product locally in Australia.

Customs Broker Australia

Business based in Australia can also take advantage of the Free Trade  Agreement  (FTA) that brings in benefits of reduced tariffs and greater access to foreign markets. Australia in 2019 had 14 free trade agreements with 18 countries. In order to benefit from this, businesses need to provide a certificate of origin for their products. According to the latest Government notification, preferential rates of duty will be reduced for sectors with FTA arrangements. For more information on this visit


The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is offering administrative remedies to businesses experiencing difficulties due to COVID-19. This means affected businesses can negotiate with the ATO for GST deferrals and remissions.

Bio-Security Preconditions

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is offering administrative remedies to businesses experiencing difficulties due to COVID-19. This means affected businesses can negotiate with the ATO for GST deferrals and remissions.

COVID-19 and Custom Clearances

Australian borders are closed for all individuals other than Australian citizens and permanent residents. There is however no restriction on air and ship freight, but  they  have to go through strict quarantine processes. The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment has confirmed that there is no risk of disease transmission via cargo. Clearance of cargo containers are subject to Biosecurity Import Condition System (BICON). A detailed list Dos and Don’ts for cargo clearance can be found here.

In Australia custom clearance systems largely rely on importers and purchasers self- declaring. There is a system in place for incorporating the paperwork and declaration processes. There are many instances of goods held up in clearances, mostly due to the incorrect assessment of value, the import of prohibited goods and incomplete paperwork  or payments.

Globalisation and open borders have meant a free-flow of  people and goods. The terms  of movement hinges on a complex web of regulations set out by different sovereign countries. International politics may  affect custom clearances and it may be very difficult  to stay on top of changing regulations, which can manifest as new import license requirements, special taxes and imposition of import quotas. Large and small businesses routinely engage in international trade with the help of expert freight forwarders and logistics partners.

Hire a Custom Clearance Agent

When the question arises “what are the different sectors in which you must hire a Customs Clearance Agent? “we look at all the issues where it is imperative to hire a qualified and professional customs clearance agent


One of the sectors where a customs clearance agent becomes detrimental for the growth of your business is in the documentation sector. Documentation needs to be always accurate / true of description and properly done.

These are the documents that will need to be lodged to government bodies on your behalf. Customs clearance agents provide exceptional solutions to ensure that your paperwork is up to date and that Government bodies will have no issue with the documents you lodge to them. Remember that all records of the shipments need to be kept for a minimum of 5 years.  Customs can place an audit on your shipments, and they will require all the documents to verify everything including tax documents

Tariff and Classification

Tariff and Classification is another sector that you must hire a customs clearance agent. When lodging your customs entries to the Australian Border Force, they customs officers which check that the tariffs for the goods are correctly classified. If the tariff is incorrectly classified and wrongful duty is paid Customs can issue a penalty for the incorrect classification. This will result in a loss of monies and the department chasing for monies owed.

The other implication of this is that the importers ABN would be flagged, and they will consistently start redlining and screening their cargo into Australia as a means of ensuring that correct classification is followed. This results in extensive delays in cargo being delivered to the importer. The importer will then have to regain trust back from the department which can take a lengthy amount of time.

Free trade agreements and Preferential Goods

Qualified Customs Clearance Agent

When we look at Free trade agreements, countries have always organized relationships of trade between themselves. This is another sector that customs clearance agents utilize their skills into ensuring that once a free trade agreement is in continuance, they harness the benefits to their clients. The benefits can range from having Duty Free goods to preferential treatment of goods from the countries involved.

Customs brokers and Customs clearance agents also look at preferential countries to see where the goods where originally manufactured. There may be a specific / certain country that the tariff can give a preferential duty rate saving the importer massive savings during the year.  These are just some of the sectors that Customs clearance agents work in.


With the above being said, when you raise the question of “What are the different sectors in which you must hire a Custom Clearance Agent?

 Always keep the above writing in mind. If you need to know more feel free to reach out to a qualified customs clearance agent that can help you streamline your goods with proper coordination of freight and adhering to all legislation

Business Needs a Freight Consultants

We have all been in situations where sometimes the best possible path is to obtain the services of a qualified professional. These professionals range from numerous services, but they are key to help guide your business and venture onto the right path. Freight consultants are the same.

With the right guidance and advice your business can make considerable steps into achieving the growth and profits.

In this article we look at 5 reason why your business needs a freight consultant. Let’s get into it.

Reason 1 – Time

As part of any business, an owner’s time is the most valuable asset that they have. If your importing or exporting goods, it is best to plan your venture straight from the get-go.  Freight consultants can help you plan your shipment from start to finish.

This improves time and efficiency. Once there is a set plan with help from the expertise of the consultant, less time needs to be given by the owner or business in terms of being involved. You have a structured and streamlined approach which allows more time for you to concentrate on other facets of the business.

Reason 2 – Develop A Plan

Let’s look at developing a plan. The 5 reason why your business needs a freight consultants’ article wouldn’t be complete without discussing a “The Plan “. Freight consultants work on par with you and your management in creating and developing a solid plan.

Freight Consultants

Each business has their own specific requirements on how their freight is to be moved, needs of their services and budget. We look at various ways that we can help in ensuring that freight is moved within a timely manner, safely and in coordination with your budget. Your customers are waiting so it’s imperative that a plan is developed from the start.

Reason 3 – A partner that supports you with your suppliers

As we all know we try to always develop relationships with our partners offshore. When you start out with a new supplier, there are always presumptions on what their services are, costs or if there is anything hidden that you may not know of.

Some suppliers are suspectable of including fee’s that are not warranted or claim it as shipping. You may have already paid for the bulk of the shipping via the incoterms you agreed upon with the supplier when buying goods. Freight consultants are there to check every step of the way ensuring that your costs are adequate and right in terms of all shipping processors.

Reason 4 – Documentation Required

Freight consultants can help you with all documentation in terms of moving goods across the border. When we develop a plan / strategy for your goods, that involves what documentation may be required from the various parties and entities within the chain.

From shipping lines / Airlines to Customs at the origin country and Australia. We go through all the documentation you need and requirements, so your shipment moves smoothly as possible.

Reason 5 – Growth

All business’s aim to improve growth. Without profits there would be no benefit in running the business and that’s the honest truth. You want to feel that the business is improving and that you are on the right track for financial independence.

 No more worrying about losing your job. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you work with your freight consultant in ensuring that your shipping charges are reduced to where you can grow. We formulate plans / services and open communication in tailoring our solutions to you so that your business in the next 3-5 years can grow. It is so important to have a trusted relationship with your freight consultant

So in conclusion, there is the 5 reason why your business needs a Freight Consultants. I hope your have enjoyed our article and that it has given you some more knowledge on how to proceed forward with your business.

We have all heard of the epic distributors that import from China. There are gains to be made, pitfalls to be seen and trust to be imagined. Many importers and exporters have greatly improved their overall margins from established contracts in and out of China. Nobody can say that the relations have not been good.

Here today we discuss what things should you know about Shipping from USA to Australia.


 The USA prides itself in the manufacturing sector. None can say that their workmanship is not one of the best in the world. From producing cars / electronics to crafting some of the best military equipment the world has ever seen.  Majority of the goods out of the USA have a very high standard of production. We can say that when, we have an exporter in the USA that the goods are always assumed to be of very high quality. The price fits the make. Won’t break as easy and is durable to last time.

Exporting from the USA

You have received samples from the U.S and obtained good relations with the exporter. There is no language barrier and you can easily make a straight dealing.  Samples were sent via their air courier service like UPS and FedEx, with you being quite happy with the quality of the products. So, what comes next?

Establishing relations with your supplier is mandatory. Australia has a free trade with the United States of America which means that your goods can be duty free as they enter Australia. Always ensure that your exporter can obtain / produce documents that is accepted by Customs Australia in ensuring that you do not have to pay duty for the goods in arriving into Australia.

Inland Freight

When we discus “What things should you know about the shipping from the USA to Australia “we must also put on the table the topic of Inland Freight. Inland Freight refers to the trucking / shipping domestically in the United States. Trucking and inland movement can become very costly depending on where the exporter manufactures their goods and how far they are from the port. This is key into ensuring that your inland costs are down, especially since the labor is very high in the United States.

A key tip is to always ensure that the factory of the exporter is closely aligned to the ports. This way you can reduce your trucking and inland costs, overall obtaining cheaper goods ready to sell to the public.

Sea Freight and Customs

Want to learn more about “what things should you know about shipping from the USA to Australia “?

Contrary what people believe sea freight costs after Covid 19 from most of the ports have been quite competitive with China. Carrier / shipping lines are more catered towards ensuring that the prices are low and that they compete quite on par with their counter parts in China and other economies. Of course, Vietnam / China and India do have lower labor rates but as an average sea freight cost, the United States are slightly higher than in our other counterpart countries.

Customs always comes into the equation. How do Customs treat goods from the USA in comparison to other countries? To answer the question, Customs trusts the goods from the USA. Yes, they are highly stringent in their quarantine process which means Australian Quarantine have a liking as they have similar processors. This means that your goods are Customs cleared much easier than that of which would be arriving from let’s say Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

Choice and Decision

 The choice and decision all come down to your preference of what is the most marketable product. With communities in Australia they would like to opt to pay a higher premium for American goods as they know that the product will last them for years to come. Perhaps we are in hard times and goods manufactured in China are more eye catching.

Whatever the reason, we can only suggest that you speak to your trusted freight forwarder about all the possibilities on the table. They are your partner in a long-term venture and their advice needed when it comes to understanding What things you should know about shipping from the USA to Australia.

This question always arises. What kind of information meets expectations of customers in regards to freight forwarders website? So here we are tackling the issue about the things you need to know about freight forwarder website.

We always here that your website is the shopfront to your business in the online community. What would that mean for the savvy business owner that requires the services of a qualified and experienced freight forwarder?


 Transparency is the basis of any given business. You need the freight forwarder to show that they are transparent to you in their workings. A website that is transparent helping you to answer questions and understanding means that they are willing to into a long-term venture with you. This is the company willing to go that extra mile when you need them. There is no such thing as secondary help.

How would you work with a company that cannot show honesty and transparency in their workings? This is a pure indication of where they see you as a number and not a potential partner to work with in the coming years.


Established is another sign. How was the Freight Forwarder / Customs broker established? What was their history in initiating the company, its directors and senior management?  Was the company created in means of just generating profit or was there a sole reason to fill the market to meet expectations.  These are the sorts of things you need to know about freight forwarder website. Where do they come from and what their mission statements / goals are? Are they the right fit for your business and can relate to your vision and dream of moving forward?


Professionalism is another aspect that a freight forwarder website needs to depict. Has the company and its director set a tone that they are well established in the modern age of using technology that can streamline your cargo and processors?

Are they in the position we’re the organization is up to date to use modern software decreasing costs to your business?  Have they got a capable team that can are ready to deal with issues that arise with quarantine and customs in relation to your cargo? Willing to go that extra mile or are the employee’s just paid factory workers ready to leave when the clock strikes 5:00pm.

Additional things you need to know about a freight forwarder website

 Additional things you need to know about a freight forwarder website are who the company employs and their communication with your business and employees. Some companies were established to cater for the larger organizations that have much more volume and capital behind them. Their brands speak and they are willing to cater to this.  Your organization is upcoming, and you have a dream that can empower many. You see an opportunity into the market that directs your command.

Hire a freight Forwarder / Agent that understands your vision, and partner up with them to ensure your success over many years to come. Look for the signs and harness the strength of having a strong partnership that is ready to put you first.

Reliable Shipping ServicesShipping cargo can have its perks. Business’s grow very quickly when the right structure is inputted with profit margins accelerating beyond what you think you would have made initially.  The question arises in the form, what is the trick that enables larger corporates to maintain their volume, supply and competitive rates and blow smaller importers or new entrants out of the water.

The answer is to ensure the same shipment of goods by reliable shipping services. Having reliable shipping services means that you always have a point of contact to manage your consignments. You put the purchase orders in, and most suppliers directly contact your freight forwarder to ensure that everything is streamlined.

We are highly proficient in ensuring that we are notified of when your manufacturing has completed and begin the process of having to ship these on board a vessel or flight at earliest arrival into port.

Benefits to ensure the same shipment of goods by reliable shipping services

The benefit of entrusting your cargo to your trusted freight forwarder is that they know your company, goods and time frames for your goods to be delivered to your door. Every business owner / management needs to ensure they have enough stock in their warehouses and premise, so that a steady stream of stock is going out.

Your trusted Freight Forwarder or Customs broker is your point of contact to ensure that everything is maintained, and a steady repetitive process is implemented. This promotes good relationships not only between suppliers and freight forwarder but also government bodies, shipping lines, airlines and 3rd parties involved in handling your goods.

The Flow of Goods

Shipping Services

The continuous flows of the same shipment of goods can help all parties handling them become accustom to your workings. Our trusted agency can ensure the whole line remembers how to handle your cargo from the get-go. Rates become cheaper as it becomes more repetitive and operators start understanding your product / time frames and costs involved. The money you save from relationships over the long term is money you can input into marketing and helping your business grow further.

Give me more- Ensure the same shipment of goods by reliable shipping services

What’s another reason to ensure the same shipment of goods by reliable shipping services. Well here to answer that we can state that the whole supply chain including government bodies become aware of your customs clearance agent / freight forwarder who looks after your goods.

Freight Forwarder

We have deep relationships with them ensuring that your cargo is well looked after. The perks of giving the same shipment to the same forwarder means that you become accustom to the network providing you with extra service and handling. When your company becomes known to the network it means if there is anything urgent, you can rest assured all will help to prioritize you over others.

In Summary

To conclude this, these are some of the benefits to ensure the same shipment of goods by a reliable shipping services company. When your thinking of making a mark with your brand, why not develop a long-term relationship that with even a quick send of a SMS, you have a network of friends and professionals waiting to advise and move when you require them to.  This type of business venture is how corporations become big. Relationships and to ensure the same goods were being handled by the same parties.

Benefits of Customs Clearance Agents

Have you ever wondered what are the benefits of a customs clearance agent?

Were here to give you the run down on what to expect and why it’s important to have qualified agents to look at your imports.

What We Do

Customs Clearance agents are the acting party to Customs and Quarantine regarding all shipments that come into Australia. We are there to correctly declare your goods to customs at the time of entry. We create and prepare your Customs entries / Liaise with Quarantine and Customs regarding your shipment and correctly ensure your documentation is all in order.

What are some benefits?

Yes, it’s right although you can compile your own customs entry it’s like having doing tax’s / going to court yourself. There are complicated processors in place, and we have the in’s and outs to ensure that your cargo is correctly processed, saves time and money on your side.

Customs Clearance

We work to know your goods that even if there an audit from Customs or the ATO that every single piece of information transmitted has been carefully checked and passed.

Benefits and more

Another benefit are time. We understand that many importers are hard time pressed with other details in the business. That’s why clearance agents are hired and are not costly at all. The time saved on having a professional clear your goods is time made up elsewhere earning you more capital and freedom of time to handle other affairs.


What are the benefits of a customs clearance agent in terms of Tariffs? Tariffs are complicated process and usually required a decent amount of study to correctly identify which tariff the goods belong to. We need to ensure your cargo / goods are correctly identified into their correct headings on the Customs Declaration.

 Customs will have a reasonably good look into it if the correct tariff applies and if any further duty should be payable. Where it is duty free, they look at everything so best to have somebody that has the acquired skill and experience to work on your shipment for that added peace of mind.

Quarantine – Key Changes to Industry

Legislation changes all the time within the import and export world. Quarantine can decide different measures on how to treat your goods or what is the next appropriate measure to safeguard Australian shores. They can hold your cargo for inspection, require permits, submit documents that need to be correctly done from A-Z and even the special treatment of your goods such as fumigation and heat treatment.

Customs Clearance Agents

When your thinking What are the benefits of having a customs clearance agent, always consider these things that we can liaise with authorities in ensuring that your cargo is cleared saving you valuable time and money.


When you’re considering what are the benefits of a customs clearance agent, why not drop us a line and have a chat. We are here to ensure that we serve you with the utmost professional service ensuring that your declarations are done correctly and accurately.

The last thing you want is to have a Customs audit or them knocking on your door with a penalty notice in hand requesting for monies payable. Let us take the complication out of an easy process giving you a peace of mind and running your business or teams.


Tips from Freight Forwarders

Freelance Shipping has extended experience in the freight forwarding and shipping industry. Today we are going to look at some various ways on How to import goods from Vietnam.
Freelance Shipping from Vietnam to Australia can help you as an importer or exporter every step of the way. We can personalise your freight movements from anywhere in vietnam to your door in Australia or vice versa.
Our services include include the whole package.

That means that not only can we move your goods from origin to your destination but also the hassle free part of conducting Customs clearance!
We offer:
Sea Freight
Air Freight
Warehouse and Packing services
Right lets Dive in!

Import Goods from Vietnam – Tip 1

If you have decided you want to import goods from Vietnam to Australia that we would suggest finding a reputable supplier. This supplier can be found either from your travels into Vietnam itself, through a purchasing agent in Vietnam or even Alibaba.
We highly recommend to always do background checks regarding the suppliers as some tend to new and the quality of the goods can differ from the pictures.

Always ensure that you make the proper checks on the company and keep in consistant communication.
Highly responsive suppliers are always better to deal with especially when their may be any issues you have regarding the products in itself.

How to Import Goods from Vietnam – Tip 2!

When considering to import goods from vietnam we highly suggest to sticking in the capital cities of Vietnam. There are many reputable suppliers in Ho Chin Minh and the freight costs are alot cheaper for the new importer.

We also recommend the new importer to always ensure that they receive samples prior to the purchasing of stock. This way you can be assured that the quality and price is measured to your expectations. Customer service in the main cities are of much higher quality.

Exporting from vietnam Tip 3

What if your an exporter and you need a market in Australia? Exporting from Vietnam can have its perks as the Australian market is always in demand for vietnamese products. We have spoken to numerous importers that says quality and price go hand in hand. Communication is of the highest priority along with safe pay methods.

We recommend to suppliers that are exporting from vietnam to ensure that they use a safe platform, exceptional english when speaking to the importers and a reputable forwarder that can handle the goods effectively.

Try to explain to the importers about incoterms and if you don’t understand them as of yet, you may want to check up on the most used incoterms. Read above if you still require help with how to import goods from vietnam.

Which Freight method is best for me? Import goods from vietnam.

When considering how to import goods from vietnam or exporting, it’s always useful to get the dimensions and cargo weights to your forwarder straight away. Our services interact with both parties to provide the most cost effecient way of getting your freight to your door.
Remember that Airfreight can get costly.

It is mostly used in situations where the cargo is urgently required. Sea freight is used for volume cargo and is your bang for buck. We can help you tailor your goods so that the price and volume meets your expectations.

If you need services out of Vietnam Contact us today. We’re here to provide you with industry expertise and a high standard of customer service. Speak to us today to get your freight moving.

import goods from vietnam


Here is a great video to learn more: Import goods from vietnam

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