Every freight and shipping agent needs a shipping company profile. It is time to present 1 company that is likely to be the foundation. A trustworthy shipping company that gives its clients inside knowledge. The profile for freelance shipping will contain some of their core values and acknowledgments that has given rise to small business owners best needs.

Want to Learn How to Import


Freelance Shipping operators started outside from the business working independently. They were the front line in charging small business owners at previous jobs.

Freelance Shipping was created. It ensured little importers could compete with the larger companies and grow. Not every lawyer/accountant and cargo agent will be the same. Hence this firm’s direction was for small business owners.

A brand-new company formed. A real and reliable freight forwarder they can depend on and comprehend that a brand-new importer struggles. However, in this case, the firm created services which were automatic. Streamlined to enhance the client’s process.

Top Services and Solutions

  • DDU/ DDP Shipping- From the factory to your warehouse it’s all being done for you. No worries or hassles.
  • Customs Clearance File preparation – Preparation of documents ready to submit to Customs
  • Air / Sea cargo – Sea freight or Airfreight consolidations to anywhere globally including exports.
  • Trucking – Business is flourishing in the interior lands of the metro towns. Does not matter what style of vehicles you need to move land-based we have you covered.
  • Personal Effects – Your own personal goods, which are not of a company.

Any Issue? – Want To Learn About Export

When there’s an issue, you know that you may take this up directly with the agent in Australia. Which means your payments have been settled.

Better in Australia and not anywhere else on the planet, only saying this makes it a hassle to repay if not completed in Australia. Need more information about Cargo Insurance

Any importers that are starting out will love to understand the intricacies of what they’re ordering. Are there any precautions they need to take, prices entailed, permits they will need to get and how to receive it easily into Australia without habits destroying their merchandise and fantasies.

Customs and Penalties – Shipping Company Profile | Freelance Shipping

When you aligned with Freelance Shipping you can rest assured that your risks are minimized. Fewer risks mean fewer time customs need to pursue you. This can be a safety measure because if customs pursues a case against you, it can lead to substantial penalties.

Freelance Shipping offers consulting services based on the information needed. If it’s overall, then their prepared to dedicate some time to assist the importer in their upcoming business. For example, I believe not many firms give free advice or so anymore. To dedicate time in assisting a client in helping them gain some variable insight into their goods.

General Guidance

Customs can rest assured that freelance shipping will dive deep into research. They can wander away fulfilled that they’re adequately informed on their products. Sometimes clients do their own research. What about these products such as poisonous products, liquids, or specific commodities which need attention.

Can you envision researching countless hours of time on products and hope its accurate?. Business owners are lacking time more in this day than ever. Its great to have a friend by your side to take care of the research that you just want straight answers to. – Need help with customs clearance? Read up on some tips with you and your broker. Click here


It might take a great deal of time at which it might be dedicated to another person. It wouldn’t be feasible to dedicate as much time in supplying free guidance. A shipping company profile is not the same without information variables. The standard of the information given is the distinction.

The particulars and specifics matter. Anyone that tries to do things for more affordable wind up paying more then what they compensated for when it comes to price/quality and service.


In Conclusion, if you’re a starting or small sized importer that requires the help of experienced global specialists then seek out a company that was formed with you in mind. To help you gain competitiveness in the marketplace and give you the tools to win!

Do you require Airfreight Africa services? Freelance Shipping is the number one freight forwarding company that can help you get your goods to almost any part of the world. Our services are personalized and delivered to meet the needs of the everyday person and business. Whether you have small or large freight you can be rested assured that we can handle this on your behalf. There’s no need to worry.

Services to Africa

Our team offers airfreight Africa services all year round. Air freight is the most expensive but if you need it there within the least amount of time then it’s a win. When you consider airfreight Africa services you have to think about the cost.  Some services do not tell you that there are fees on the other side of the world that may be payable.  They can sell you a very cheap freight rate, but you end up or your customer compensating that cost on the other side of the world.


When you decide that you require cargo to be send to Africa or anywhere else for that matter. Consider what type of move you would want it to be. General incoterms are, FOB , CIF , DDU ( Door to Door – Duty Unpaid) or DDP ( Door To Door Duty Paid)

Door to door duty paid is the one that EVERYTHING is paid for. That includes all the customs and quarantine tax’s on the other side of the world including delivery to your customs door.  Always the easiest option to commit to when you just don’t want the hassles.

Too Expensive? Deciding time Is Not Important

If airfreight Africa services are too costly and there’s no real rush to get the goods on the other side then why not try sea freight. Sea freight has many advantages over air freight. The advantages are that it’s a lot more cheaper and you can be positive that you can haul more cargo. Its bang for you buck when it comes to pushing as much volume into a shipment. The downfall is that it could take up to 2+ weeks for the cargo to arrive depending on the port in Africa its going to.

Seriously, Pirates?

While sea freight is always a great option and one that is most requested. It has to be told that there are still pirates out in the ocean that try to accommodate sea boats. You heard me. From our experience its always a good option to take out insurance. If your still worried, then stick to airfreight Africa services by flight.

Freelance Shipping Services

Freelance Shipping provides all types of freight and shipping services. Our niche is in moving the big stuff. So, if you have shipments starting from a pallet, to containers, vehicles, or anything for that matter. Get in contact with us so we can find a solution for you. We’re global. Check out our home page – Freelance Shipping 

Contact us today for a free quote! 

airfreight africa

Many importers always require the needs of having a firm that can lodge customs declarations on their behalf. Freelance Shipping has teamed up with Customs clearance Melbourne based firm Milne and Dunkley to deliver an outstanding and specialised service for it’s clients.  We understand that you may have a lot of products that require technical knowledge, specifications and commitment to your products. Especially when dealing with customs on your behalf. We thoroughly look through your products liaising with our specific partners. This is to ensure that we understand each product that you are going to import.

We carefully diagnose the workings of the product, its specifications and what the intended use is for that product. Once we understand the product we can help you provide the necessary means of accurately providing what supportive documentation you require.

How does this help?  – Customs Clearance Melbourne or Sydney

The accurate support and research can provide importers with relief, that the partners have investigated their products carefully. It can lead to a better choice of classifying the tariff correctly and more approval from customs if they ever conduct an audit.  There are always reasons as to why us and our partners may go to a specific classification.

We must look for any specific requirements from that classification. An example would be, does it meet the requirements for the tariff Code?  Is there a Tariff concession applicable that can save you duty? Can we and our partnered custom brokers agree that this classification is the closest in determining what the goods are?  All these questions serve as important steps in identifying the goods. Sometimes the goods may be one thing but its intended use another. Let us worry about that while you handle the rest of the business. Need a quote? 


By trusting us to work together with our custom clearance Melbourne based partners means that you have more time to handle other aspects of the business. Time is always the most crucial asset to any business owner or manager. Give yourself that time so we can direct a decision to you based on our years of experience in the industry.

What about loyalty?

Our loyalty lies in the commitment of our service to you. Many companies and firms always promise to deliver high service levels but end up over committing themselves. Why is this you may ask. Well, you as a business owner know how sales work. The difference is whether you can provide the service and cost associated in winning that business.  These days many freight forwarding companies or Customs brokerage have failed in providing that level of service. They are either too large to investigate the details of the product or their staff are not adequately trained.

Training of Staff to handle your Customs Clearance Melbourne or Sydney

Trained staff to handle customs clearance Melbourne or Sydney based can be a challenging task. Nobody really knows what sort of staff people hire. We can tell you straight up that while we may be a small and focused group, each staff member has over 10 years’ experience in this industry. Customs and Forwarding are our speciality. You can be rest assured that we know what we are doing. The tricks of the trade don’t come by easily and takes years of work experience to understand requirements of legislation and customs expectations.

Have you ever walked into a shop and asked for help? Do you remember the time that there were people there working and couldn’t even answer simple questions to what you really wanted to know about specific products? They just say “umm” ok” sure” I’ll be right back. These workers are there based on a cheap wage.

Change it to our industry and there are a lot of workers in the freight world. They have very little industry knowledge about customs clearance Melbourne or Sydney practices. Did you know that it is most likely that they are the ones working on your declaration that you send to Customs?

Outcome of ill-trained staff handling Jobs

Customs have declared that despite using a customs brokerage to lodge declarations, in the end it is the responsibility of the importer. Basically, what that means is, it doesn’t matter that you got a customs broker to lodge your declaration to them. If there’s a single piece of information that is incorrect or out of place, there can be hazardous consequences.  These staff members are originally data operators, some are even based in third world countries. If a mistake is made then you may be up for inspection fee’s, greater costs and God Forbid, a penalisation from customs themselves. The broker will just wipe their hands clean off you and say it was your decision. Don’t let this happen to you.

Our guys are industry trained and equipped

We are different from a lot of forwarders and customs brokers in the industry. We have a small select team that have been in the industry for over 10 years. Its guys like us that have a passion for the freight and customs world. We write, live and breathe this daily. If anybody has made it over 10 years in the freight industry, then that means it’s a passion and in their blood. Every declaration is properly checked from a trained operative with no less then 10 years in the industry. Our juniors must have at least 5 years of industry experience in customs or forwarding.

The operators deal with clients all the time, so they must be on the ball on their products, relations and understand what their requirements are. The last thing you need is a trainee taking your calls and making a costly mistake that can lose you a client.  Experienced business owners understand costly mistakes by workers can be detrimental for clients and for their business. We won’t let this happen to you. Our values and commitment are for you specifically.

Trust in a niche customs clearance Melbourne and Sydney based firm that can deliver you results beyond your expectations. Personalized service that understands your products and builds good relations for years to come.

State Specific

A customs clearance Melbourne based firm can always understand the workings if you’re a client in Melbourne. They understand the workings of the domestic transport required in that state. When a company claims that it specifically can work all areas of Australia, it leaves doubt.  Doubt in terms that when you are a specific client in Victoria or Sydney then you want to look for a firm either collaborated or in your state to help you liaise with customs and quarantine.

The key point to take is that at times you would not only require customs clearance. There could be moving containers out of other countries and a freight agent is needed to help you set it all up. There can be matters of transport if you have cargo that is larger then you or your transport support. Understanding the requirements of different transport vehicles. When you look for customs clearance Melbourne and state specific firms, the advantage is they understand the workings.

Workings and Network advantages

Understanding the roads to where your cargo needs to be delivered. Contacts at the wharf or depo where your cargo is out of. We have a firm network of contacts at the wharf, depot’s, customs and specialised transport companies. Freelance Shipping has build networks with people in the transport and logistics industry for well over 12 years. When your cargo is about to be on storage and its within a state we have practised in, then rest assured, that we will do what we can. A commitment solely for saving you money and time by working with our internal contacts.

Ever heard of the line “it’s not what you know its who” ?

Well I can tell you then our firm is based on what we know and who we know. You have the best of both worlds when it comes to your cargo. Freelance Shipping team and partners work for you. A strike of storage or anything else we take personally. You’re not just another number to us. It’s very personal if you incur any additional cost that was within our means of avoiding.

Freelance Shipping has a proven work structure. We have worked with our partners for a lengthy amount of time. Our partners have contacts in different fields which is very helpful in terms of cost and service for our clients.

Our Committed Partner

Freelance Shipping has been working for and with customs clearance Melbourne based company Milne Dunkley Customs for well over 10 years. We have created strong ties over the years and the service to our clients shows how we are top of the market. Freelance Shipping holds their partner closely.

Milne Dunkley have been specific customs brokers and in the industry for well over 30 years!. Yes that is correct, they have customs brokers that are so technically minded and experienced that in our opinion no firm comes close. Everybody has a specific talent. Our customs clearance Melbourne based firm focuses just on custom clearances. Nothing else.

What does this mean?

This means that our partner spends their time and focus specifically looking into custom clearances. With a working structure of 4-5 brokers and some with over 20 years’ experience it’s hard to overlook the need for them. Experience serves as the greater good especially when you require expertise advice and knowledge.

Can you imagine that you have customs brokers not newly appointed but ones that have dealt with customs tribunals, legal proceedings, and legislative settlements? Yes, it’s true they have served as the best advisers for major manufacturers and importers for a very long time. You may think how does this relate to me and my company?

Well when you think about it, customs are just like the tax office. If there is something wrong, you can guarantee Customs, or the Tax man will be knocking on your door. You require specific custom brokers that understand the legislation inside and out who have dealt with the ATO, Customs and Quarantine over the years.

Knock Knock

If they come knocking be rest assured, you are well looked after. Customs have the right to take an importer to court or ask for penalties to be paid even duties to be re-payed to the crown.  Your firm requires brokers that have higher experience than usual brokers to combat and fight for your company so that you don’t have to pay what’s not owed.

Are custom brokers all the same?

The answer is NO. In the court of law, lawyers are always the ones we turn to when we are in a legal dispute. Some are good, and some are just plainly bad. Don’t get stuck with a bad customs broker or you may end up in a situation where a qualified and EXPERIENCED broker could have settled it on your behalf.

Therefore, our structure aims to work with our partners closely. The best freight agent in the industry has your back. Yes, they may not move freight around the globe like Freelance Shipping does but its were we complete each other. You can sleep well, knowing that if anybody comes knowing on your door. We will answer. If it’s a customs or quarantine dilemma, that’s our speciality. You have us as a safety net at the time you really need help.

Nothing is worse then having an insurance company re-point the finger back at you or your own solicitor when times get tough. When things get tough the tough get going.  Take in our writing and considerations when choosing your next customs clearance Melbourne or Sydney based representatives. We can assure you, you will not be disappointed. Need door to door?


Customs clearance Melbourne and Sydney based Freelance Shipping and Partners have competitive prices. Whether you are a new importer who has just started the business or a long-term importer needing to make a change for whatever reason. We can price match and beat almost any quote.  Freelance Shipping in conjuction with its partners offer packages and deals for every type of business out there. Custom clearance can start from just $99.00!.

Yes that’s right. This does not mean that the operators are not industry trained. Incorrect. Our staff have well over 10 years so when you leave your clearances to us, you know you’re in safe hands. With prices starting from $99.00 it would be very hard to overlook the deal especially with the type of customs brokers we have teamed up with. Experience is vital in ensuring that you pick the right broker.

The Wrong Choice

A wrong tax accountant can land you a big bill with the tax office. A wrong customs broker or even, not state based can land in you into some hot water.
We have all dealt with bad accountants. Its your choice and decision to ensure that you deal with a reputable customs clearance Melbourne and Australian owned firm committed to helping you. Our loyalty to you is never questioned. We have had relations with our clients for years without compromising service. Let us work with you to help you grow.

Customs Clearance Melbourne

Freelance Shipping – In Depth Freight Forwarding Company Profile

There is a freight forwarding company profile for every known forwarder out. We just thought it’s time to introduce one company that’s going to be the cornerstone. A cornerstone for the customer that requires that extra service or special requirement.

In this profile we like to tell you about Freelance Shipping Pty Ltd. it’s basis, core values and how the new development of technology has helped the company streamline. Its streamlined their client’s business and overall competitiveness sky high. Especially Small business owners.

Core Values

Every Freight forwarding Company profile should include a summary of core values that it started from. The shipping company developed its roots from working in the industry. True individual experiences from the ground up. 

Freelance Shipping operators started out in the industry and would have to deliver the charges to small business owners.  We expect our operators to ensure they increase sales. Help importers reach a goal of higher profit . That also meant targeting small importers who just didn’t have that cash flow. 


The reason behind this was they would not be importing as frequently as the bigger clients. Morally it was wrong. It gave zero to no chance for small customers entering the import market. Small importers had very little clue in terms of documentation they require or custom practices / fee’s.  Even supply chain or wharf procedures had fee’s which cost the new importer a lot.   The story came from the start-up Director. The director would focus all his attention on me and spoke how he was obliged to charge a customer over rated fee’s.  It was troubling for him especially when these new importers were just starting off. 

Organizing Shipments Through Your Supplier

The customer thought it was a good deal. He agreed with the supplier for a small freight fee to ship the goods. Nobody ever think that if your getting it cheap , there may be other costs!.  Like landed port charges!. The customer was unware of this and there is no way the client could obtain their cargo without paying the large fee’s which went back to the supplier and his shipping agent.  Any charges disputed would result in delay.  Display would mean more storage money for the forwarder. The importer would rush back and forth overseas and around the world in 40 days and back, to little or no change for price. Its a check mate. 

The Turning Point – Freight Forwarding Company Profile: Freelance Shipping

It was this pinnacle point stored in the director’s memory. The tax invoice was issued to a client and the owner asked to pay a large and hefty bill. From my interview I believe it was a turning point for the companies director. A client who broke down in tears as the freight cost over 2-3 thousand in charges. Comparing it to what he had originally thought. It ended up being more.  He had been shafted by overseas Chinese and the operator here were on the front line to take the heat.  It was this moment that it changed.

The director partnered up with an associate and opened the firm that would believe its core values are tailored to suit the needs of small importers. He never wanted to feel that way of destroying somebody’s dreams of starting something for themselves. This sort of decision leads to the new importers being kicked out of the game. Higher landing costs meant he had to sell the goods for more. Even to get something out of it. 

Story Time

This story was the turn around that would introduce a leg up for the small importers if they rely on the company to undertake and look after their shipments. Freelance Shipping was born. It meant small importers could compete with the bigger firms and grow. Not every solicitor / accountant and freight broker are the same. A new company formed. Freelance Shipping’s core values and structure is dedicated to help small business’s grow. A genuine and reliable freight forwarder that they can rely on and understand a new importers struggles. 

Freelance Shipping Services:

In this instance the company created services that were automatic. Streamlined to improve the customers process.

The services ranges from:

  • Importing and exporting personal cargo or cargo that other forwarders would not spend time with or hard to obtain licenses offshore
  • Door to Door shipments-  Customers understood the landing costs upfront (no hidden charges)
  • Free document preparation and collection including checking that it meets Quarantine and Customs obligations or linking.

Cargo services 

  • Air freight cargo to anywhere in the world including the export of small itemized cargo
  • Sea freight cargo of containers and smaller consignments that can provide cheaper costs in terms of shipping and delivery
  • Delivery – Container deliveries / LCL – FCL deliveries nationwide with the help of their agent partners can facilitate client’s requests for delivery anywhere nationally.
  • Interstate trucking and transport – Business is booming in the inner lands of the metro cities.
  • Insurance on all transit – this means your cargo is insured for the value from wherever it travels from in the world to your door. Doesn’t matter what mode of transport. If there’s any problem, you know you can take it up directly with the broker in Australia. which means that your payments are settled here. Not anywhere else in the world, strictly saying this makes it a headache to settle if not done in Australia.

Advice / Consultations

Every freight forwarding company profile wouldn’t be complete without a subject on whether the company provides advice. Any importers that’s starting out would like to know the ins and outs of what their ordering. Are there any precautions they must take, costs involved, permits they need to acquire and how to get it smoothly into Australia without customs destroying their goods and dreams.

 A figure of speech of course, customs won’t destroy your life, most likely just your bank account and take off a couple years of life from the stress they give you! Ok Jokes aside.

Freelance Shipping provides consulted services which can range from $70-120 AUD depending on the advice needed. If its general, then their willing to devote some time to help the importer get their business up. As an opinion I feel not many companies overall do this anymore. To devote time in helping a person who has merely queried on developing their future of importing or exporting.

General Advice

General advice and looking into some certain specifics clients can get a better understanding and walk away with doing their own general research and lookup. What about those products like hazardous goods, liquids, or special commodities that require attention. Well that’s where the fee’s come in. Could you imagine spending countless hours trying to research for every customer including costs, regulations, authorities and legislations surrounding their goods? It would take a lot of time where it could be devoted to something else. It would not be viable to devote so much time in providing free advice.

What’s the difference you ask? – Freight Forwarding Company Profile – Freelance Shipping

A freight forwarding company profile isn’t the same without advice factors. The quality of the advice given is the difference. The specifics of it. Everybody knows you need an adequate business plan, properly planned and implemented to achieve results. Anybody that tries to do things for cheaper end up paying more or end up with what they paid for in terms of cost / service and quality.

If the international trader is serious about opting to grow his/ her business, then this would be the setup to undertake. The freight broker can take of all the things including looking up legislations from customs and quarantine, charges, payments made to other government bodies, obtaining permits. To name a few more, concessions on commodities, free trade certificate ruling for the specific goods, are there any hazardous or dangerous components that would require it to travel in a certain mode or perhaps an ingredient that is banned?

You don’t want customs to find this and if you were unaware that could land in a hefty penalty as it is the responsibility of the importer or exporter to check

Freight Forwarding Company Profile: Freelance Shipping Pty Ltd
What About Exporting Consultations

Well exporting can come in terms of what you require in terms of exporting the goods from here, does it meet compliance issues or does quarantine want to have a sneak peek. Are the goods prescribed? Perhaps like meat and grain? Quarantine will inspect all goods in this category. You ask why?. Australia always ensures that it’s exports are of the highest grade. Can’t go around exporting crap!

Work with your freight agent in ensuring the goods are of top quality.  The freight broker will help you co ordinate inspections and get the right documentation ready for your export.

Documents – Freight Forwarding Company Profile – Freelance Shipping

Documents like phytosanitary certificates need to be obtained in a certain time frame. Before the export cut off time at the wharf, all documents need to be inspected and processed. This is a timely ordeal. Just in case something does slip up then that means, there needs to be a plan B. The delay caused of “not knowing particulars “would mean your customer gets their shipment later than expected. Any sort of delay would mean that the customer on the receiving side would have to be told. This can result in their customers also receiving the bad news. This would be bad as it would mean you are un reliable and possibly could lose their business.  


There are other factors that go untold. What is that you need in the exporting country in terms of commodity requirements? Do you know what their Border agencies require in terms of paper trails and processing?

This is where you need your freight broker to research and find out exactly what’s required. They have their agents in that country ready to take the request from the broker and do their bidding. Find out the requirements for the export container or cargo. 


A freight forwarding company profile should always include an example. An example would include when a client called about sending personal effects to China.

Once everything was arranged according to the broker, he had a gut feeling that there could of something not right. The client originally said that no other agency wanted to take on the work. This lead to some red flags so after the broker decided to investigate the goods it ended up that China no longer wants any type of second hand goods or personal effects.

YES, that means if you want to move back you require an import license in China to obtain that which can be a very lengthy process for the importer. Unless you have large sums of money ready to go (which the Chinese do currently due to their ever-growing economy) then you have a chance.

But this pitfall saved the client a lot of time and money. If it had reached China without her not paying the Freelance Shipping broker to do the research, she would have had a container on the wharf collecting storage to which customs would not ever release. Either the storage option or she would have to pay people to destroy the goods in government-controlled bond store.  Everything has a chain reaction. Its always better to do the research up front, develop a well-structured plan, analyse then make the move.


While this has served a short summary of the freight forwarding company profile, I’d like to point out that its always the persons genuineness to help that makes anybody or any business approachable. Remember that its better to do business with somebody who’s a human then a robot that tries to take every penny from your wallet. I like that personal approach, whether its my barista making the coffee with the chocolates I like or my favorite restaurant preparing my one of a kind meal. Like a chef that understands how much chili I need in my Spaghetti Gamberi! I love that personal approach that a business gives. It makes me feel special. That’s what these guys are. So, if you’re in it for the long haul and you require that personalized approach check them out. I did.

Contact them today and see how they can help you.

freight forwarding company profile

Freelance Shipping:  International Trade –History  and Future

International Import and export companies have been the corner stone of our society  since the dawn of timeThroughout history everything including man themselves have been evolving. We can see accomplishments that once what produced an awe of excitement and profoundness of technological advancement. Now it is just another house hold device, or a norm.

How did it start? Innovation, the spreading of so many ideas, inventions and wonderous creative works.

Where did it go?

This day and age we always resort to trying to maximize profit. Whether it’s in our jobs, working for your own self or striving to accomplish success. Some regard monetary means of success. Individuals always consider what business is going to make them rich. Sorry to tell you, life doesn’t work that way. Success comes in many forms. Monetary is just one of the benefits of an talented and bright artists. I call them an artist, you may know them as entrepreneurs, innovators and the talented individuals. They just seem to be great at anything they put their minds to especially if it was to start international import and export companies.  Most people need to realise how easy it can be to learn how to import with the right guidance.

When we look at our current society everybody is in a mad rush to do what everyone else is. Nobody thinks of entering an international trade game of finesse, longevity. Never have they taught in schools about becoming a manufacturer and supplier of goods. Perhaps even an importer that distributes exotic materials.

Learning Entrepreneurship

What bothers me that our schools are more inclined to structure a person towards becoming a worker then a model of principle and entrepreneurship.

Let’s take a look at history for International import and export companies in general. For thousands of years humans have traded and sold goods to one another. Whether it be in pursuit of passion or wealth. From creating something at home to the far-fetched waters of estranged lands in bringing exotic goods. Artifacts, sculptures, utilities you name, there was always an avenue.  Merchants were bringing silks to Rome, spice from India to the British crown, and innovations of art from Europe to the world. Its been around since humans were risen from the dust.

When we think and analyse the strategies of moving goods across the sea, land or air and freighting goods, nowadays people just think of E bay or Amazon.  Nobody really gives thought of how much skill it takes and the warranted value one can obtain in becoming a importer or supplier. There was so much history in being a trader. Now days less and less people want to dive into a market that started new worlds. Why?


There are so many options available, choices on every plate. Majority of the time there is no education or schooling towards the avenue. Most of it seems to be persuading people into lifeless jobs, with the pursuit of a high income. You’re not really building anything or leaving an empire behind. It’s a sure way, for people to ensure that the talented stay controlled in their avenues by not harnessing, their creativity and pursuit to challenge world economics. It makes sense to pursue careers of what’s been talked about among friends and family

Let’s look at import export options

Drop shipping and e commerce has literally taken over. Worst being drop shipping. A cheap way of being the middle man without ever meeting your client and selling them goods. Small price hike to make your profit and your done. What sort of shipper or traders are these. International import and exp

companies have a solid foundation. Drop shippers are the ones who never look at the big picture that’s my opinion. Claiming of this is what they pronounce today as door to door shipping. It’s small scale work and not something you could ever build a legacy off. Why waste the time, your better off learning about how to conduct exports.


There are even in this day platforms where one can become an instant shipper or supplier of goods. Pop up modules that tell of success. Franchisee’s packages to name one.  Using 3rd party logistic companies such as TNT, and DHL to move the goods. No storing of goods. There is no skill required, very little creativity in the product you sell. Sell what products they give you and no means of building a customer basis via face to face. People trust people and not screens.

The land you are on now has been built or started from a tremendous amount of historical trade. Importations of livestock, timber, stone, you name it, has probably made its way here during the early colonial era. So, I say to you, if it’s been working for thousands of years, importing or exporting items, creating value and building our economies then why not now? Would it not be a stable pursuit and one that is not mentioned in everyday society?  Of course, because it’s not where people go in this day and age, but if you read the fine lines nobody mentions, it truly does open the door for opportunity!

International Import and Export Companies – Conventional Shipping

Conventional shipping has been the cornerstone of building empires for generations. You may think and ask. What the hell is this guy talking about with history and empires. You must understand how international trade played such a significance over the years more so then most trades or business structures. The value of it comes from how long its historically been going on.

Well to put it bluntly some of the most successful businesses started from a long-term approach of either bringing goods that people required or wanted. This was done by travelling abroad and realising what product is in high demand off shore.

Travel Bugs – Do They Really Know?

Travel bugs can tell you all about the mountain and grass they want. But the trade merchant who travels the world naturally can see opportunity or where the market is void.

For instance, say. You have an idea. Perhaps you can create something. something that will change the world? ok too far… let’s say you make something that could be profitable. Time and energy is spent into perfecting the item, planning for packaging, brand and soon you launch your success. You hit the market head on and yes like us all you got hit with a brick wall.  Customers. Nobody said acquiring them is easy. However, we have the internet, a wondrous tool if used correctly. Millions of millions of people are around the world and you can get to them without lifting your back side off the chair. Is this not a benefit of becoming an exporter an joining the successful group of international import and export companies and founders?.

Conventional Profit growths

Imagine the profits and growth of raising a firm part of the international import and export companies worldwide . You don’t need to target the schmuck at the local grocery store you can target every sort of person in the world. Easy to receive payments and do trade.  Exporters are the backbone of most countries. Nobody looks at who’s the best at fixing a computer. More so, how much trade does this country conduct and what their major exports are. Your winning.

Yet conventional shipping as with everything is like the growth of a bamboo tree. It can take time, in developing your success. Conventional shipping as I like to call it, is when you warehouse the goods transport them and manage the logistics all the way to the door of your customer.

You have to battle office negotiations, deadlines, language, cultural barriers, air and sea freight minimal, harsh customs, conniving merchants and tax men ready to eat you up. Yes, even oddly hoping that your goods don’t end up at the bottom of the ocean due to a natural disaster. Yes, they do exist and they don’t just live in your wall paper on your screen.

Import Scene?

Perhaps you want to get into importing? Organising to ship products directly from a travel location you have been. Bringing back items that the average person cannot but a high demand and profit lurk in its shadow. Negotiating with offshore suppliers, agents, visiting trade shows and extensive travel along with adjusting to culture.  You will learn how different countries and culture have their own sort of etiquette and professionalism when they conduct business. Even the shady tactics you get to learn around the globe when you undertake your journey. You can’t find this sort of exciting and exhilarant work working at subway or pushing paper all day! its what you can get when you open your own group of international import and export companies.

So, what makes a person endure so much, learn and push to the worlds end. Only the best. A supplier or importer deals with more obstacles, physical and in nature then most presume. International import and export companies founders require a lot of dedication, focus and ambition.With time and patience if they are not culled they become one of the backbone pushers of our countries imports and exports. Their moving the country and contributing directly to its success. What happens next? Well if you survive and you are talented, smart and business savvy you will grow perhaps not in the first year or second, but you will grow.

Bamboo Philosophy

Remember what they say, bamboo trees shoot only in their 5th year. All that time there’s no sign. You can water it, soil it and fertilise it all you want but nothing of a sprout until years later. They say its building its roots creating the foundations under the soil to shoot up in the clouds for its magnificent growth.  Make the foundations and you will grow

Why not drop shipping

You know I don’t like anything that’s not long term. Drop shipping would be like the cheap version of a branded hand bag. You can never meet your clients face to face, building trust and conducting sales. You never really see what you sell apart from a description and picture. There’s really no way of knowing what the customer gets.

I mean you don’t have the stock on hand, your relying on a 3rd party to provide the service without inspection. Red flags right here.  Even when you think you know your products. With conventional warehousing and selling of goods, you meet your customers.

Then you can guarantee quality, brand and service. The product grows on you as you have a firm interest in what it can deliver. Your business will grow, and you will be on an international level. Its not on a domestic level selling shoes or something delivering it through the post. No. You have become as our past merchants have. Part of the international import and export companies that deliver services worldwide.

The Ring

What a ring to it. Not a bloody accountant pushing paper all day. You’re here dealing with the whole world. Your mind creating strategies that push your business forward watching trending markets. Everyday your making global decisions based on exchanges, fluctuations of markets it’s an endless endeavour with reward.

With time your business can also set its mark in countries you import or export to. You never know if your client might sell and its a developing country where your currency is better. You buy their business and branch out your business offshore creating more jobs and wealth.

Conclusion of History

Romans built their legacy and history like this. It’s risky I can tell you that. But success comes with risk and risks come with bravery. How brave are you?

Can you create an international trading company as an importer or exporter? Will you have the patience to pass down your milestone to the generations after you. Are you really the Alpha that can create jobs and put food on your workers table? Its an industry not for the faint hearted.

It all starts with something small. So if your ready to dive into a world of customs brokers, ships, planes, trucks deadlines and hurricanes. Then your ready to make your name in our history as part of the international import and export companies world wide.

History is not forgotten.

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international import and export companies.

The world of import and export be it air sea freight can be a tedious, competitive industry. We all try to ensure our products are of best quality while obtaining it at a bargain price.

Although importers concentrate on obtaining the best quality whilst keeping the price in mind.

It has never occurred to some importers that there are other means of reducing their overall costs. In today’s article we are going to look at a few things.
Firstly how you can keep an eye when governments enter into free trade agreements with our neighboring countries. Secondly when to take advantage.

What does this mean?

Well, lets say that you are currently importing. Most of the time Customs love to ensure they receive their Duty and tax’s on every consignment. If the goods are worth at about 15 000USD. The tariff of those particular goods state that the duty rate for those goods are 5%.

You will end up having to pay that duty rate along with other tax’s which increases your purchase price.

This means a lower profit margin.  When we look at what countries have a free trade agreement in place, we can ordinate with new or existing suppliers. Within that region you can take advantage of the duty free rates.

YES, when free trade agreements occur you need to take advantage of them. Instead of paying that 5-10% duty and tax to Customs you could save that in your purchase price which means more profit in your pocket.

In Australia we have the department of foreign affairs and trading. Usually we can go to this site and see what upcoming free trade agreements they are negotiating and when it will come into effect.  If there are already existing free trade you can research you product, to see if that actual tariff classification relating to your goods is duty free !.

Not sure what a tariff classification is? Then speak to a freight agent / Customs broker. Tariff classification is described as identifiable indexed number used to classify those import or exported goods for the purpose of duty and tax.  Check the rates for your goods. If you have imported before you freight agent can help you show what the tariff of your goods and then you can see where you can make the savings.

Conducting Sea Freight Imports?

If you are already conducting air sea freight imports out of Europe, check to see if there is a country nearby that you can obtain the same quality, at a cheaper rate and see if there is a free trade deal in place that you can consider. When trying to obtain new suppliers for an existing business, this can be a real penny saver.  Every factory in the world is looking to sell their products.

Your looking to have a timed and efficient service ensuring your costs are low and margins are up. This is just a small tip to look into.  In most cases the department of foreign trade or the  right authorities in your country can give you the proper support. They can advise what the required certificate or declaration is. This you will need to ensure that you can claim the 0% duty preference when declaring your goods to customs.

What Current Free trade agreements are in place?

When we look at what free trade agreements are currently in place.
We are utilising an economic and business advantage in where we may be able to co ordinate negotiations with different suppliers.

Having even a 5% different in a landed price from offshore can result in a higher return.


The Australia – New Zealand Closer economic Relations Trade agreement known as Azcerta is currently in force between our countries. That means if you decide that you have a willing supplier who can produce quality goods at a discounted price then this Free trade agreement in place may be a perfect dessert for your importing or exporting requirements. Most of the tariffs are already at a reduced rate, practically to a zero so it will ensure competitiveness against larger firms if you are a starting or new business operator.

Australia and New Zealand are partnering countries. With air and sea freight rates low due to the continuous trade among our countries and a trade agreement in place this can significantly give you the edge you need in bringing quality goods to the country. The great pick of New Zealand is also the quality of the products. New Zealand is also one of the countries that places strict compliance and standards on the quality of the products they produce.

What does this mean for you?

This means you will also have a higher quality range of goods that would most likely be approved by the SAI GLOBAL STANDARDS. Ensuring you even meet Australian Standards. A great factor when you are operating a business within the international trade realm. Cheap freight rates, Exceptional quality control and a free trade agreement in place makes your business ahead of the game.
This would also be a great opportunity for importers or exporters to continuously travel between the countries to check quality. Importers can make manufacturing queries with suppliers.

An easy flight to our nearby neighbor makes you in more control of your trade.

Freight Agent

Speak to your freight broker about the compliance and paperwork you require so your goods are duty free.

For the Anzcerta agreement to take place, there needs to be compliance that the goods are made of New Zealand origin. When you obtain your free trade certificate which you can reach out to your supplier. The supplier will arrange for the good either to be inspected or documents passed to the regulating body. They will approve the goods for export and issue the free trade certificates.

Freight brokers and customs brokers require these to process your paperwork with Customs.

Australian Customs Entry

Customs evaluate each air sea freight entry. Freight agents and brokers lodge declarations that is true and correct. Supporting this self-appraisal condition are administration procedures to recognize the declaration and the country of origin ( New Zealand).  Cargo  declaration are then reviewed for consideration. In addition various consistence administration checks are conducted on the Declaration and its documents including ongoing checking of sections and reviews.When a air sea declaration is lodged with NZ Duty preference. This will be taken to demonstrate that the merchant of the merchandise has data, or learning that the cases made on the affirmation are right.

Criteria for qualification for inclination rates of obligation

The criteria for qualification for New Zealand inclination rates of obligation are in Article 3, Rules of Origin to ANZCERTA. This is located in Division 1 E of Part V111 to the Customs Act 1901.

Confirmation of Preference qualification

Procedures of consistence checking may occur at entry of the goods at port or airport.  At any stage up to 6 months can Customs check your warehouse.

Qualification of Preferential Duty

To obtain the duty preference, customs require you to make queries and obtain sufficient evidence from the supplier.

The data ought to affirm that the products meets one of the prerequisites recorded in the archive titled “New Zealand Originating Goods  – Sample Declaration and its requirements.

On the off chance that a particular product meets an item particular  in Annex G to Article 3 of ANZCERTA, at that point the data should detail precisely which item particular has been met and why it has been met. Your Customs or freight broker can help you meet this.

Is an endorsement of inception required?


Article 3.16 of ANZCERTA does not require an endorsement of inception. An importer can have the goods entered for preferential duty with a declaration made by the supplier.

How is the Air Sea Freight data utilized by Customs?

Customs officers always check the information provided to them. All origin preferences must meet legislative requirements such as the Customs Act 1901.

On the off chance that Customs accordingly finds that the products don’t meet the pertinent terms and conditions. Customs will request any obligation short-paid and may enforce further penalties onto the importer or party responsible for the goods. Always take the time  to see the Customs Infringement Notice Guidelines

SAFTA- Singapore – Australia Free Trade Agreement- Air Sea Freight

Singapore is a country that  importers and exporters can dive into. From 2016 statistics of exports out of Singapore has increased. We can see that the country has increased its exports in  Feathers, Artificial flowers, fur skins, rail equipment and more much.

Singapore is another one of our picks that exporters and importers should look into the market. Goods out of Singapore will also be accepted if those goods are manufactured soley in the country. Even from originating materials sourced in Singapore.  They have extensive quality control, so the business trader can be relieved that there are strict quality requirements for when the small country exports its good. It is also another small designation that most larger distributors tap into to obtain niche products due to their high service levels.

If you are looking into importing or opting for a supplier from Singapore, then check out some of their exhibition trades that they hold annually. Its one sure way of meeting and greeting with some great suppliers and products. Suppliers are quite well known for new technology and new items that the Australian market has not seen. This is where your competitive edge will come into full force.

From our previous dealings with Singapore consignments most of the freight is conducted via air sea freight. More common so, sea freight. The freight rates are actually quite cheap in comparison to shipments out of the USA. In our opinion they are right on par with the cost of China in terms of freight rates but of better quality according to our statistics.

Important Note

Always ensure you check that the supplier has the proper export licenses.  This will help you acquire the free trade certificate so that your business can succeed in lodging and obtaining the duty free tariff concession It should have a relevant government  or authorized body stamp on the document. This requirement ensures its legitimacy.
linking all certificates is a must!. Basically the certificate has to have a commercial invoice  or container number on it.

What are some goods you can look into in Singapore – Air Sea freight?
  1. Electrical devices  and equipment
  2. Machinery
  3. Mineral Fuels including oils
  4. Medical or tech equipment
  5. Organic Chemicals
  6. Gems and Precious metals  or stones
  7. Plastics
  8. Aircraft parts
  9. Pharmaceuticals
Ausfta – US Australia Free trade agreement

The U.S free trade agreement means that when you purchase goods from the states. The quality and product can obtain preferential duty.  The only problem about this would be that the states contain a lot of inland trucking. You will end up having to liaise with your freight agent, to see if its worth trucking the goods to the nearest port. You can then opt to see if the waiver in duty will help in the landed costs of the goods being drastically reduced.  There is currently no requirement apart from a declaration made by the supplier that the goods are of U.S Origin.
an example of the free trade certificate – Us Origin Certificate

The U.S are well developed in manufacturing and are quite recommended by us to find a supplier over there. The quality of the goods are exceptional. There has been minimal complaints in terms of complaints of the quality within our opinion.  Their manufacturing has increased dramatically in an attempt to compete with rival China. In this development of new products has unleashed a steam of never before seen products. If your after a product not yet on the Australian market. Try to get into a trade show over at the states as you will be amazed at what is really out there.  The air sea freight rates are more expensive from the U.S in comparison to China. When you read our article of how to import we give you more tips on how to minimize more costs and get a great supplier to contact.

US Supplier Support on  Air Sea freight.

From sources we have discovered that the U.S have a quick response and contact etiquette when liaising with them for purchasing goods. Our clients and network agents have received positive feedback in terms of warranty, return of goods and a relaxed approach to entering into a business relationship. If you are looking for a reliable supplier in our opinion some of the US suppliers can outrank and outmatch most countries customer service and performance.

Last tips

Lastly our tips on air sea freight shipments will concur that all your shipping movements be accompanied by the bill of lading and packing declaration for custom purposes.  In our next article we will be covering in detail the other free trade agreements have with Australia. China is on a rise and if your entering the market, be prepared to have strategy and a sharp mind. Business and negotiating can turn sour. With out tips it can help the new starter stay afloat to develop and grow their business. Till then leave us a comment.

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Compliance For The Importer-Customs Broker Sydney

The Australian Border Force (ABF) has released an industry alert to almost every customs broker Sydney and Australia wide, freight industry representatives and agent. This notice serves as to what the areas will be the focus of its compliance activities. The best guide as to the ABF’s compliance activities may be its annual statistics. This details error detection and the issuing of infringement notices. As a saavy imported you need to develop a plan with your Customer broker Sydney and Australia

ABF statics for the year 2016 – 2017 show which areas will warrant infringement notices. Level of compliance activity was ramped up in 2016/17. Compared to 2015/16 that’s is a vast increase of their target. Looking at 2016 ,customs offences were tallied at almost $5 million to penalise industry depot’s. Compared to the 2015/16 amount of only $1.9 million.

The number of notices issued as well – 584 in 2016/17 to 266 in 2015/16. Every importer / exporter and customs broker sydney and nation wide must start take precautionary steps to ensure they are reporting accurately.

Level of compliance in running a Licensed Depot – Customs broker Sydney

We all know a licensed depot is a approved location that goods can be moved to for a short period of time. This is prior to it being cleared for customs purpose. The ABF are now looking into the level of compliance shown by depot licensees. This is especially true in Sydney. Customs broker sydney and in Australia can help you adhere to strict regulations.

A depot licensee is a position of trust given that goods are permitted to be moved to the depot. This is despite not being securely assessed or the subject of a duty payment made. Non-compliance by a depot operator can lead to prohibited goods entering Australia. Even the  underpayment of duty.  A Freight consultant or Customs broker sydney , melbourne can co-ordinate the under bond through the use of ICS.

In respect of a breach of a depot licence, the ABF issued about 69 infringement notices. This saw an increased level of threats to cancel or suspend depot licenses.  Correlating with this was an increase in the level of infringement notices. These notices were for offences relating to the movement of goods under customs control. This can relate to unauthorised stoppages during an under-bond movement between 2 locations. But this was also for goods or cargo being permitted to leave a depot or licensed warehouse prior to the goods being customs cleared and duty paid.

ABF can very easily detect this and can identify from its records where goods have been held in a depot for a significant period. When they do a site audit they can simply ask to see those goods. If for whatever reason, the goods cannot be located the ABF is able to prove the offense. Alternatively, the ABF can review records of when goods have left the depot and compare those records to the date the goods were cleared. Your customs broker sydney agent will relay this to you straight away.

What you can do and Compliance | Customs broker Sydney and Australia

Compliance starts with all staff being well informed of the requirements, processes being implemented to facilitate compliance. However crucial and regular internal auditing of compliance with those processes are a must.  Contact your freight forwarder or customs agent to ensure that their procedures are accurate and processed correctly. Ask the customs broker sydney for copies of the declarations and all movements to under bonds for quarantine or customs inspections.

Ensure you ask to check them for all cargo reports being reported including the details of each so you can double check. Do not leave one stone un-turned. This would be great for small importers to start with as an end of year audit, they can commit to doing themselves. It serves as a good practice and keep a record, of your checks. This will be very favourable when and if customs decide its your companies turn to get audited. Customs broker sydney agent will determine the best effective method in helping with an audit. They are your trusted partner

Unauthorised movement of goods, or compliance with depot license conditions was not highlighted by the ABF in 2016 as falling within its 5 areas of focus. Customs broker sydney agent can look into all depot conditions

  1. Delivery Address Field on import declarations – Customs broker sydney and melbourne

Delivery address is now suddenly very important as the ABF have found that delivery address field error was the third highest error type. The delivery error has increased from 16% to 28% in the last 2 years.

When completing an import declaration (is a statement made to the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service providing information about imported goods), you MUST complete the delivery address details regardless of the mode of transport. The ABF are now focusing on this field. Customs broker Sydney or Melbourne will be able to correctly identify this.

  1. Asbestos Laws Enforced – Customs broker Sydney

Asbestos is a prohibited import. A detailed list of what were the prohibited imports has not been provided yet. However, it is safe to assume that articles may contain asbest. Check with your customs broker sydney based and with your suppliers. 

The ABF has come down hard on importation of asbestos. This was the real reason Customs focuses on asbestos now due to the high level if imported building material that contained asbestos. For example, second hand vehicles from the US and Japan receives special attention from ABF.

Testing – Customs broker sydney and Australia

The industry has also faced high costs of testing goods for traces of asbestos and the prospect of goods containing asbestos being re-exported.  The compliance activity represents a change in the seriousness with which this issue is being approached.

Given the nature of the asbestos and the risk it poses to the community, Importers should not expect the attitude of the ABF to change but rather it is the approach of importers that needs to change. Imports of goods from any country need to undertake due diligence to ensure that there are zero traces of asbestos in their imported goods.

The older the vehicle, the more likely that a component will contain asbestos. The ABF have become skilled in identifying potential breaches. relay always to your customs broker sydney or Australia.

What can you do? – Rely on your Customs broker sydney and Australia

Asbestos into Australia has become a real headache. You should always try to have it in writing from your supplier about asbestos. When you want to stay out of ” Hot Water” keep records of all your written emails.

As a small business you can also send a declaration to the supplier. This declaration helps in providing your necessary background checks for the goods you import.

Always try to ensure you do as many checks. Record and keep the checks archived somewhere safe. When customs comes knocking on your door, your ready to produce all the viable information about reaching out to different parties and ensuring you clear any negligence on your side. Work with your freight agent as some customs brokers sydney or melbourne  ( these 2 cities) and their teams point the finger back at their clients. Always ensure you work with somebody you trust.

  1. Classification – Customs broker sydney agent

Classification is when you obtain a specific tariff for the goods you import or even export.  It can determine what concessions can apply and what rule of origin can be used under free trade agreement.  if dumping duties are applicable then goods are subject to community protection questions.

Tariff advice normally provides the most certainty. This assists them in making business decisions about future imports of specific goods prior to committing to importation. A customs broker sydney or even melbourne can do this on your behalf. They must only apply for a tariff advice only after informing the client of this approach and the client accepts or agrees to this approach. The ABF review this to ensure the import is complying with the tariff advice.

Classification is very important and much depends on the classification of goods that the ABF have this as an area of focus now.  You can always check the classification of your goods in the Schedule 3 of the Customs Tariff Act 1995. Get an idea of how the harmonised codes work and work with your agent to ensure you both reach the verdict of what the correct classification is.

2 heads are always better then one. Work with your customs broker sydney

  1. Valuation of goods

The ABF also focus on the valuation field to ensure Australia’s import statistics are accurate. Free trade agreement with Korea, Japan and China have made a great number of goods coming out of these countries subject to duty free.

Customs valuation is the process where customs authorities assign a monetary value to a good or service for the purposes of import or export. The Australian Customs valuation system is within Division 2 of Part VIII of the Customs Act 1901. 2(a).

Customs will take the value of the imported goods as to what the transaction of the parties in the arrangement was.  However of like merchandise, it should not be based on the value of merchandise of national origin or on arbitrary or fictitious values.

Its best practice to check with your customs agent when claiming GST. Talk to your customs broker Sydney or in Australia for reliable advice.

Valuation Error – Customs broker Sydney

The valuation error increase ABF found was due to the valuation date which is the date of export?  The standard practice is to utilise the departure date of the vessel leaving its port as the date of fare. Customs is currently checking to see what the shipping line is reporting compared to the cargo reports the agents are lodging to check this. Get your customs broker sydney based to check this for you as soon as possible.

WHAT IS THE PLACE OF EXPORT ? – Customs broker Sydney

The place of export can include:

  • postage place
  • where the goods are packed in a container
  • the place, or last place, from which self-transported goods departed for Australia
  • A place, or first place, the goods were placed on board a ship or aircraft for export
  • the place where the goods crossed the border of the exporting country.

The valuation date also impacts the date of currency conversions for all foreign currency goods. The Customs value must be in Australian currency. A dedicated freight agent or customs broker sydney based hopefully, will advise if the invoice is not in Australian dollars. The team will most likely check the date on the bill of lading and use it as the date of exchange. The will do this to determine the AUD amount. It also has to be necessary that every importer or exporter always keeps every financial transaction. This will serve as more practical evidence that you can use in your defense. If any possible hiccup does come around, your prepared and ready to face them head on. Before arranging any transport its always best to do a thorough check.

  1. Refund Applications ask your Customs Broker Sydney / Australia

It is important to ensure the refund application container all correct information. Claiming for a concession or particular classification when applying for a refund carries the same level of seriousness. Be sure to check everything before making an application.

When you need a refund done, you can contact your Customs broker sydney /customs agent or arrange it yourself as the importer. A refund refers to the return of some or all customs duty, GST, Wine Equalisation Tax and Luxury Car Tax paid on imports under circumstances outlined in regulation 126 and 126B of the Customs Regulations 1926 (Customs Regulations).

An applicant for a refund must:

  • demonstrate an entitlement to a refund on imported goods; and
  • supply all information required by Customs to process the refund application.

Conclusion – Customs broker Sydney

In conclusion the above are the focus areas in which ABF are now looking into. However, when lodging an import declaration, you must ensure that you provide accurate details for all your imported goods.

Always have copies of all documents saved for up to 5 years in case of an audit.  We have looked at all the ways that your business is secure. It is always best to talk to your customs broker sydney or nationally about issues. 

What if this was a good read but your basically just wanting to learn how to start importing then you can check review our other article that can give you great tips on where to go. Remember every tip in this article is mainly so you can ensure your team is working for you and accurately lodging the correct details to customs. If anything happens the responsibility and once is on the importer or exporter.

If you require more help then contact us to help you make the best informed decisions about your shipping or navigate back Home to check our website.


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Customs Broker Sydney

Dealing with Importing Goods from alibaba to Australia can be overwhelming. Everybody knows that we require and need small businesses to develop and grow. This is how many companies started. We continue to develop our society towards becoming better employees but never entrepreneurs.  If you’re the few who have decided to pursue a path for themselves in deciding to run your own business specifically in the importation of products from across the globe, then this article is for you.

This article is different from many those that you have read about Importing Goods Into Australia. Why is it different? Because most of them have been written from the perspective of suppliers and importers / and or parties alike. Whilst the information they provide can be useful and beneficial there is no contributing information from fellow freight agents or shipping specialists. This lack of knowledge given to our new importers or exporters can create many pitfalls and gaps.

Building Relations with Your Import Agents

When you decide you will import goods and sell them, there has to be a means of transporting those goods. This article is written from a reliable freight forwarder who has seen what new importers go through so its best you understand and work with your freight agent. It takes 2 to tango. You will understand that once you develop quality products and ensuring good relations with your supplier, how you can then take on the relationship with you shipping agent, to ensure you understand contracts of shipping, incoterms, mode of transports and more.

We will be focusing on how you make relations with suppliers and freight forwarders in this article. You must understand the language in both industries to truly have a successful upcoming business, with less costly mistakes.  This is a true necessity as most new importers don’t budget the shipping or understand the tax’s involved, costs, how it works and in the end decide not to do it again. Planning, building and implementing your idea from ground up along whilst working with your freight agent will help improve your success.

Today’s Topic

In today’s topic we will cover a country such as China.  All suppliers work hand in hand with their freight agents to ship their products to their customers. The shipping agents work for them, so if you do not have good volume on your side, you may see additional costs when it enters the country which goes back to the Chinese Shipping agent and Supplier as an additional profit share.

Lets start !

Products Sourcing and Shipping from Alibaba to Australia

From experience the largest online B2B (business to business) platform on the net is Ali baba. Majority of new importers I have dealt with, have all sourced suppliers from this platform. China is still the “go to country” to get things whole sale and cheap. You can always use this platform as a good start.

Know your product

When you have a fair idea of what type of products you will be importing in the world your learning about importing goods into Australia. Jump on to Alibaba to have a look.  Suppliers in China aren’t always the manufacturing company. There are middle companies to which they sell the products purchased from a direct company.  This is fine to do in the beginning. Why do I say this? Because direct factories are more inclined to deal with importers who have good volume of products to manufacture and yes “lot more Capital”. If you can find a supplier who is directly working with you on your product, then that is great.

With this in mind, always keep a note to stay with Suppliers that have been on the platform for a good amount of years. It is not advisable to go with new companies especially if you plan to conduct all your imports from your country to start off. Shipping Cost does play into it and new starters can offer cheaper prices, but first you need to establish not to get ripped off. Remember if you send your money to somebody offshore, there’s very little chance you are in a position to get it back.


Close shop and re-open with a new name comes to mind. Keep that in the back of your head when choosing the suppliers. You have found a supplier that has been in business for an extensive time. The supplier has been on Alibaba for 10 years.
Google their website, check to see if this supplier is on google. Does he display an address? Check on google maps to see what his site looks like. You can then see what the factory looks like. Are there any discrepancies from their place? Looks like an abandoned building but they say they have not moved in the past 10 years. Red flag, always do your research as you would for a domestic country. Learning about importing goods into Australia can be tedious but make relations with your supplier asap.


You have a list of suppliers now. Contacting them through Alibaba seems safe enough to do so and surely everybody will tell you that it’s the first way of making contact. What’s the alternative?
Contact them through the platform but try to speak to them through either a “mandarin speaker” or a chat called “We Chat”.

Did you know “ We chat” is like the Facebook we have in western countries. The Chinese use we-chat to talk to family members, friends, business colleagues, basically a tool for everyday life. Take this tip to learn the chat app and get used to it. Your job is to form great relationships with these suppliers, as they will ensure your quality, timely products and price for years to come. Importing goods into Australia means your communication levels must meet language barriers. Be prepared.


When learning about importing goods into Australia Another factor to consider is that you are a new importer.  Volume is not on your side. Before you decide to haggle for the price extensively, remember if you don’t then go to lengths try to bargain them down. You will have this power later down the track once your established. For now, look for quality and a good price. Form good relations.  Don’t rush into the MOQ ( minimum order quantity) and price as a means of first contact.


A good tip when writing emails or starting a chat, always start with “Dear ­­­(name)” . Yes, may sound Odd, but its very polite. If you have done you homework on your product, then ask the supplier specifics of what type of product you are after. They are less likely to ignore your request and more likely to work with you.  It is always good to check if the supplier returns their email or has prompt contact with you.

When this happens, it means they are receptive. Ensure you are ready to purchase when negotiating. When you find a few good suppliers start to negotiate a deal. No supplier wants to spend their time answering too many questions for a new importer without the volume. They rather focus on customers that are ready to buy with a larger order rate.

Another Tip / option is trade fairs or exhibitions in China from Suppliers.

If you can make the trip this is a good option. Make relations with them and check out their factory first hand. Safest but most expensive bet.

Is this supplier the right one?

You have set your mark on these suppliers. You can escrow on Alibaba as a means of payment, although its still difficult and lengthy to get your money back, still serves as a payment method.

Check to see which payment method is good. They may have Paypal, or western union as other options. When we deal with our freight offices offshore we like to do business in western union, the fees are a lot cheaper and the world is very familiar with its process.

Now you know you have a good supplier you want to work with, how can you ensure that this will be a promising endeavor in regard to shipping for now and future?. Enter the international freight agent. Once you establish the suppliers you want to use.

Get in touch with a international freight forwarder who is friendly, personally and ready to help you grow. Like suppliers, many freight forwarders look for customers with that have volume shipments.

Their time and increasing profits are better spent on these clients. Work with a personalized forwarder.  Once you find a great forwarder, start to have a chat about future shipments with these suppliers.

Something to consider when you pick an international freight supplier:

Pick a international freight supplier that is close to an airport / port.  Why would this matter? Well let’s say you have a supplier who is 20,000 kms away from the port. When your business grows, and you require larger volume of products and cargo moved, you will have to pay for inland freight.

This means your look at minimum prices of 200-600++ USD extra to have this moved to the closest port or Freight depo. Not including the freight associated. What you want to do is have a supplier close to the airport/port, so you are ensured that you can minimize your inland transport. Inland transport meaning trucking from one part of the country to the other. Minimize your shipping cost there.

Secondly, your freight agent can help you understand the key to all global trade deals. Incoterms.
A good YouTube link to understand incoterms:


Always consider the International freight incoterms when negotiating deals. Suppliers understand this. We look at the most common, I have seen in the industry from the thousands of shipments I’ve handled in my career.

FOB (Free on board) – Free on board means that the seller will be responsible and pay for the goods to be loaded onto the ship, that includes ensuring paying for all the paperwork, charges involved in getting the freight to the boat / airline.

This is a very common incoterm to use and great to reduce your risk from a freight forwarders point of view.  This does not include airline / ocean freight from the airport or sea port to the destination airport or sea port. Your freight forwarder can give you the cost for that and any other costs involving the move.

Exworks – means that you will have to arrange the freight yourself. Your freight agent can handle this. If you have built relations, you can ensure they come in handy at this point to ensure the costs are minimized. Remember we spoke about a supplier near the airport / sea port?

This will save you some money if you are conducting an agreement for the purchase of goods for this deal. You are paying for all inland costs, document fee’s and the freight to the destination port.

You will bare all risk. Your supplier’s obligation is only to make the freight available for you, the risk is then transferred to you. Talk more about risks associated with incoterms with your freight agent.

More incoterms

CIF / CPT (Cost insurance freight) –  This means that the supplier will bare the cost of transporting the goods to the wharf / sea port / airport including all paperwork involved for export clearances.  The supplier will also pay for the cost of freight and insurance of the cargo.

When you think your cargo is insured, it is much better to go through your freight agent. Remember that if your cargo is damaged, what makes you think the supplier will honor it and refund you payment for the damaged goods? How will you claim from a Chinese Insurance agent?

It becomes timely and a nasty process. It’s a lot easier to deal with your freight agent who can help you obtain insurance. This will be easier to claim, and most times consumer laws protect you. It’s a lot easier to do business domestically when it comes to claims then offshore insurance agents.

Product Samples and Issues with Customs

When you are ready to purchase ensure that you know exactly what you require for customs or quarantine compliance. Speak to your freight agent. You will need this advice for customs clearance. If there is a product that requires special permits, declarations or trade certificates then you will be likely asked from them from customs or quarantine. If you do not possess them, then your goods will be stuck with customs.

God Forbid this is at the wharf / airline as after 2-3 days you will be charged storage. Its best to check with your freight agent, what you will require in terms of documentation for customs about your goods.  A quick call and a willing freight specialist will get you on the way. learning about importing goods into Australia also means liaising with your freight consultant.

When your about to check the samples its best to ask the ships to be moved with a freight carrier such as DHL OR FEDEX.  This way you can check the sample for quality and whether it meets your specifications. Fedex and DHL both have freight liner airplanes which are designated to only hold cargo. No passengers. The good thing is the shipping for very small items is quite cheap with these services. It dramatically gets expensive when your volume goes up.

Start Small –  Importing goods into Australia

When you start learning about importing goods into Australia always start small and consistently ship the goods. You can check the supplier’s performance and quality of the goods each time. There is a lot of risk associated with making a large volume move in international freight without knowing your supplier over time.

Any supplier can send you grade A quality sample, but you put in a large volume and after paying all the port fee’s, customs tax’s, delivery fee’s you end up with crap products which you cant sell. The goods are worthless and there is nothing you can do about it.

Start small and build that relationship it will pay off. Once the volume goes up, your international freight agent will start working with you in building relations with your supplier and you, in terms of obtaining free trade certificates so you don’t pay duty.

If there is a trade agreement in place, further ensuring that you are advised what documents to obtain from the supplier to ensure your goods aren’t held at the wharf  or airport incurring fee’s.


In conclusion while this small guide, gives great tips, its up to you and the willing freight agent to help you start. An article can teach you some things about importing goods into Australia. The rest is trial and error. You’ve got information from a freight forwarder. Its our own view of what importers need to know. To find out more blogs and advice on cargo you can check out Freelance Shipping Pty Ltd blogs suited for new importers and small business’s.

importing goods into Australia

Now before you go and search online Customs Broker Australia or Customs Clearance Broker Services, know what a customs broker is and what they can do for you.

A Customs Broker is an individual or entity, who holds a customs broker’s license granted in accordance with Part XI of the Customs Act 1901 (the Act). You can appoint a customs broker to act on behalf of yourself as a importer / owner of the goods, importing into Australia. The customs broker will then can prepare, check and lodge all paperwork necessary to customs, ensuring that shipments meet all applicable laws to facilitate the import and export of goods. They classify and determine duties and taxes payable and process payments on behalf of client to customs.

The Right One? – Need Customs Clearance – Contact us 

Now, I’m not saying that all customs brokers are great. Sure, some with many years of experience can and will comply with all customs regulations. Do the right checks of your documentations, ensuring you have the write paperwork for your imported goods. They will go ahead and ensure that your goods also meet all quarantine requirements. When classifying goods they can save you duty or ensure you pay the correct amount of duty where required. Remember, Customs Broker Australia and Abroad, there’s a big difference.

There are also some new broker’s who may not have a very wide understanding on how to go about certain matters. Such as the correct duty applicable or if its duty free, are any tariff concessions applicable or if any free trade certificates apply. This is very important to avoid any further fines / infringement notices from customs.

Example – Customs Broker Australia:

We have come across situations where people call us up for new tips and advice in importing their goods again. They advise us of what their previous broker had the goods classified under and that tariff concession was used to make it duty free. Of course most cases most broker’s try to keep their client’s happy by saving them as much money as possible. But in doing that you have to ensure everything meets and complies with the customs ACT (1901). Upon looking further into this before any advice was responded to the client we disagreed with his TCO. It would of let him in hot trouble in terms of using that TCO.

Remember, when they take the time to know you it means their behind you all the way in ensuring that your compliance is above standard. The last thing you want while running your business is getting a knock from Customs on a random audit.  If any doubt about what your brokers done, give us a ring or voluntary pay the duty then look into your shipments with the right guys.

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Customs Broker Australia

How to become an importer-exporter can be tedious in terms of getting the right knowledge. If you’re looking for information regarding ” How To Import ” then start here.

Research is vital! Identify the markets with a little desk research. Find the consumption/import figures of products similar to your own and the economic growth rate of a potential new market. Remember currently a lot of Asian / South East Asian countries are in very high demand for Australian Goods. Look up the demographics, cultural and religious practices, and your potential competition. Entrepreneurs always ask ” how to become an importer-exporter” but the question is do you have the commitment to push through?.

Make a Plan – How To Become an Importer-Exporter

  • Your export plan should include vital information. Some key things to consider are:

Your Team

Can someone from your team drive this programme or do you need to recruit? It’s always best to try and get advice from somebody that has worked in export to understand how to really build a team together. If your lacking people to join your team, then the internet is your best friend. Research the vital components of understanding the export trade and start.

Your Capacity

Do you have enough capacity to meet a new market’s demands?
Always try to start somewhere, and it doesn’t have to be in big volumes. Get in touch with a couple of importers from your desired country and start. Always know your finance and capacity

Your Packaging

Will your packaging design appeal to your market? Is there a legal requirement to label things differently or do you need to translate your labeling? Try to illustrate these requirements when you design and implement your packaging. Your packaging could include information such as ingredients, materials, quantities of substance etc

The New Market

Visit your potential new market. Showcase your products at trade fairs and build new contacts. One way that Australian Exporters are reaching out to their potential customers is by visiting trade fairs around the world. If your target market is in China, then start saving up by attending some trade shows. Do some market research on the ground.


Internationally agreed rules setting out delivery terms for goods traded across different borders. Buyer and seller agree on details on the terms of sale to prevent misunderstandings or disputes. Incoterms set out responsibility for the cost of transporting goods, insurance, taxes or duties, pick up points, destinations, and responsibility for the goods at each stage. these are very important also when you liaise with your shipping agent. When in doubt contact your shipping agent who can help you negotiate with your supplier to get the best deal in terms of purchasing and shipping. The door to Door shipments is a safe bet. Other incoterms you can read up on is Fob, CIF, Exworks, and door to door.

Get your documents right!

  • Always speak to your freight agent who can help you organize your freight documentation. Remember some documents to become accustomed to is :
  • Bill Of Lading
  • Commercial Invoice
  • SLI = Shippers letters of instruction
  • VGM methods

There are some countries that require additional documentation that you will need to apply to the Australian Government body such as obtaining free trade certificates or phytosanitary certificates. A good way to check is to ask your importer on what the requirements of importation would be and work with your freight specialist.

What are some key countries to look into?

Right now some key countries that are experiencing a boom would be India, China, and South East Asian countries. These are just movements we have seen in coordinating exports and we can tell you that there are large amounts of agriculture moving to these notably expanding countries.


Always remember to be aware of scams that are currently in place. In this day and age, the internet serves as a major platform to fool you into believing that they are genuine companies. Some good ways of obtaining payment would be through bank transfer, letter of credits, Pay pal and lastly Other key merchants. Always check the fee’s of transfer and include them into your price as the surcharges do add up so don’t be left out of pocket


Speak to your freight forwarder today and organize insurance for your cargo! this is a crucial mistake that exporters make when they allow 3rd party carriers to organize their shipments without taking out insurance. Remember always make a deal, reading up on incoterms that puts your responsibilities and liabilities less, if it isn’t plausible, get some insurance out to cover the goods up to a point where the importer can handle the responsibility. If the ship goes down, you don’t want your export products to be left our at sea for the fish to enjoy!

Till Next Time

Enjoy the tips and remember, when in doubt speak to us. We can help with an export quote or general advice to get you started. We’ve got time to listen.


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