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Sea Freight

Freelance Shipping’s Pac and ship service allows the customer to be in control. We left the (K) out of PACK on purpose if your asking. Its new what can we say ?

Do you require goods that need to be moved overseas? Freelance Shipping tailors its services towards customers that require a little bit more cargo to be exported via sea freight.

Yes, you have all heard of the small couriers like pack and send / DHL that move boxes and can charge up to 300 dollars for 2 boxes. What if you require more goods to be sent?.

The Solution

Freelance Shipping’s Pac and ship service allow the customer to organize the goods via sea freight by supplying us the details of the consignment. If you have up to a pallet or more of goods that require it to be exported anywhere in the world then talk to us about delivering your goods.

We can offer a full door to door service whether it would be DDP or DDU.

What is DDU or DDP – Grab a QUOTE Today

Freight Broker

DDU is delivery duty unpaid. This basically means that you as the seller will pay for all the charges right up to the delivery to your friend’s doorstep.

The only thing you don’t want to pay for is the customs charges if any come up. That you tell your friend to pay when our trusted offshore agent contacts them to arrange customs procedures or inspections.

DDP is delivery duty paid. This is the same as above except you pay for your friend or customers duty and taxes in that country. This can be a good solution if you need a reliable service that brings fewer hassles to your friend or customer.

Your freight agent can go through the pros and cons of each. However, be rest assured when you deal with us you have the specialists by your side. Need more information. Read up on 6 tips for exporting

What if I don’t want door to door – Pac and ship service

If you don’t want the door to door and you’re happy to keep your costs lower you can offer your client Exworks / FOB service. This sort of services just means that you arrange the shipping from your home or factory just to the port overseas.

Then if they have their own freight broker or customs broker they can clear the cargo through customs themselves.

What’s the difference between us and small parcel shipping companies
The difference between us and parcel shipping companies like pack and send/ DHL / Australia post is that the more volume you have the cheaper shipping you get. Bang for your buck. When you have at least a pallet or large box’s that makes your price go to 500.00 AUD or more then get in contact with us to see what we can do for you.

Freight Forwarding Industry

Our strength directly lies with the volume of cargo. There always needs to be a step up approach for your customers and friends when you need to send more cargo. Because of this, we are that solution.

First of all Freelance Shipping staff have had extensive experience in the customs brokering and freight forwarding industry. This service ( pack and ship) is a very new service offered to our customers. Our freight brokers are Freelancers that understand the supply chain in’s and outs. Need to know more about us?. Read more about us here

Our team has worked in the industry extensively for many years. This is good because we understand how to deal with your freight concerns. When you speak to our staff your not dealing with a junior or somebody just having a job. We love our job and have the experience to back it. Be safe and let us handle your affairs regarding international logistics.

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