Reliable Shipping ServicesShipping cargo can have its perks. Business’s grow very quickly when the right structure is inputted with profit margins accelerating beyond what you think you would have made initially.  The question arises in the form, what is the trick that enables larger corporates to maintain their volume, supply and competitive rates and blow smaller importers or new entrants out of the water.

The answer is to ensure the same shipment of goods by reliable shipping services. Having reliable shipping services means that you always have a point of contact to manage your consignments. You put the purchase orders in, and most suppliers directly contact your freight forwarder to ensure that everything is streamlined.

We are highly proficient in ensuring that we are notified of when your manufacturing has completed and begin the process of having to ship these on board a vessel or flight at earliest arrival into port.

Benefits to ensure the same shipment of goods by reliable shipping services

The benefit of entrusting your cargo to your trusted freight forwarder is that they know your company, goods and time frames for your goods to be delivered to your door. Every business owner / management needs to ensure they have enough stock in their warehouses and premise, so that a steady stream of stock is going out.

Your trusted Freight Forwarder or Customs broker is your point of contact to ensure that everything is maintained, and a steady repetitive process is implemented. This promotes good relationships not only between suppliers and freight forwarder but also government bodies, shipping lines, airlines and 3rd parties involved in handling your goods.

The Flow of Goods

Shipping Services

The continuous flows of the same shipment of goods can help all parties handling them become accustom to your workings. Our trusted agency can ensure the whole line remembers how to handle your cargo from the get-go. Rates become cheaper as it becomes more repetitive and operators start understanding your product / time frames and costs involved. The money you save from relationships over the long term is money you can input into marketing and helping your business grow further.

Give me more- Ensure the same shipment of goods by reliable shipping services

What’s another reason to ensure the same shipment of goods by reliable shipping services. Well here to answer that we can state that the whole supply chain including government bodies become aware of your customs clearance agent / freight forwarder who looks after your goods.

Freight Forwarder

We have deep relationships with them ensuring that your cargo is well looked after. The perks of giving the same shipment to the same forwarder means that you become accustom to the network providing you with extra service and handling. When your company becomes known to the network it means if there is anything urgent, you can rest assured all will help to prioritize you over others.

In Summary

To conclude this, these are some of the benefits to ensure the same shipment of goods by a reliable shipping services company. When your thinking of making a mark with your brand, why not develop a long-term relationship that with even a quick send of a SMS, you have a network of friends and professionals waiting to advise and move when you require them to.  This type of business venture is how corporations become big. Relationships and to ensure the same goods were being handled by the same parties.

Benefits of Customs Clearance Agents

Have you ever wondered what are the benefits of a customs clearance agent?

Were here to give you the run down on what to expect and why it’s important to have qualified agents to look at your imports.

What We Do

Customs Clearance agents are the acting party to Customs and Quarantine regarding all shipments that come into Australia. We are there to correctly declare your goods to customs at the time of entry. We create and prepare your Customs entries / Liaise with Quarantine and Customs regarding your shipment and correctly ensure your documentation is all in order.

What are some benefits?

Yes, it’s right although you can compile your own customs entry it’s like having doing tax’s / going to court yourself. There are complicated processors in place, and we have the in’s and outs to ensure that your cargo is correctly processed, saves time and money on your side.

Customs Clearance

We work to know your goods that even if there an audit from Customs or the ATO that every single piece of information transmitted has been carefully checked and passed.

Benefits and more

Another benefit are time. We understand that many importers are hard time pressed with other details in the business. That’s why clearance agents are hired and are not costly at all.

The time saved on having a professional clear your goods is time made up elsewhere earning you more capital and freedom of time to handle other affairs.


What are the benefits of a customs clearance agent in terms of Tariffs? Tariffs are complicated process and usually required a decent amount of study to correctly identify which tariff the goods belong to. We need to ensure your cargo / goods are correctly identified into their correct headings on the Customs Declaration.

 Customs will have a reasonably good look into it if the correct tariff applies and if any further duty should be payable. Where it is duty free, they look at everything so best to have somebody that has the acquired skill and experience to work on your shipment for that added peace of mind.

Quarantine – Key Changes to Industry

Legislation changes all the time within the import and export world. Quarantine can decide different measures on how to treat your goods or what is the next appropriate measure to safeguard Australian shores. They can hold your cargo for inspection, require permits, submit documents that need to be correctly done from A-Z and even the special treatment of your goods such as fumigation and heat treatment.

Customs Clearance Agents

When your thinking What are the benefits of having a customs clearance agent, always consider these things that we can liaise with authorities in ensuring that your cargo is cleared saving you valuable time and money.


When you’re considering what are the benefits of a customs clearance agent, why not drop us a line and have a chat. We are here to ensure that we serve you with the utmost professional service ensuring that your declarations are done correctly and accurately.

The last thing you want is to have a Customs audit or them knocking on your door with a penalty notice in hand requesting for monies payable. Let us take the complication out of an easy process giving you a peace of mind and running your business or teams.

Need a customs broker Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide?

Cheap Clearances

When you look for a customs broker Brisbane / Sydney / Melbourne, Check up with few of our freight advisers at Freelance Shipping. We directly work with our independent customs broker that we’ve personally known for over 10 years. We know them personally and they are mostly shut out from the general public.

Yes, you heard it We immediately participate with a firm that is mostly closed to the public that have well over 30+ years in working with Authorities on all levels. This includes the technicalities of Customs Clearance Agents in Brisbane / Sydney / Melbourne

Freelance Shipping Can help you organise Freight, Customs clearance from anywhere in the world. transportation Straight through to your door. GET A FREE QUOTE TODAY 

Over $1000.00 AUD?

All products entering the country require customs clearance when the general cost of the items is over 1000 AUD.

Nothing gets past Border Patrol unless it’s been properly declared. We’ve got highly skilled and trained border patrol monitors in Australia. Nothing gets past these guys!

That is why you need valid freight agents to assist you when shipping. We can completely tailor or improve your cargo hauling demands from start to finish.

Importing goods through the post.

Should you import goods through the postage system, then We are able to help organise this for you We can also organise delivery of those goods to your house if they are delicate or need special treatment. This helps if you don’t want Australia Post delivering precious items.

Freelance Shipping will pay an import statement to customs.  Announcing the value of their product, what they are and where they are heading.

Customs Clearance Agents

Customs no longer allow individuals to clear it via the counter.

Accurate Details are key – 

Let us worry about making Sure all your paperwork is accurate. We all know just what your documentation needs including what hyperlinks, formats, templates, free transaction certificates.

Our teams organise the ideal classification of these merchandise. Bear in mind, Customs do not proceed by descriptions. Customs Consistently proceed by the tariff Act. Your products probably are somewhere in the tariff and there can also be a concession setup that may enable you to get the goods duty free! Need help with exports? Click here

Free trade – Customs broker Brisbane / Melbourne / Sydney

Needless to say, if Australia has a Free trade setup with a country, we could Also assist with lowering your duty obligation. Much like solicitors we work with our partners to make sure your clearances are the maximum quality and that you pay the authorities just the minimum for your goods. Leaving you a more competitive product via reduced landing costs.

Consequently, if Your searching for a customs broker Brisbane / Melbourne / Sydney or any state for that matter. Let our staff know and then we will organise this for you with little to no hassle. Want more tips on import and export?

Don’t go for Cheap Clearances

Customs Clearance Agents

Customs Clearance may cost just about any price depending on quality. It just depends on who is doing the clearance. The time they take. How much experience they have.  Within our industry cheaply, compensated clerks are made to generate the import declaration for 1000s of importers. This results in major in accurate reports to customs. You don’t want to have somebody declare goods for you and it has a typo.

All these guys have zero to no idea on what the requirements are or what to look for. Our guys are trained and have functioned for brokerages for at least a decade.

Customs Clearance costs

Freelance Shipping charges $99.00 + GST for Customs clearances Australia Broad. It could cost more depending on how many tariff lines you have. That’s really the general price.

When it’s more then we’ll enable you to understand what the additional are. When you’ve got repeated shipments, you may be qualified to get a lower cost. Check with our guys first  when you need a customs broker Brisbane / Sydney or Mel. We can help save you more then what you think.

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Customs Broker Melbourne

Are you looking for Customs clearance?

When you look for a customs broker Melbourne / Sydney / Brisbane always check up with one of our freight consultants at Freelance Shipping. We directly work with our partnered and independent customs broker who we have worked for and with for the last 12 years.

Yes, you heard it right, we directly engage with a firm that is mostly closed to the public who have well over 30+ years in working with customs. This includes the technicalities of all customs clearance.

Freelance Shipping can help you organise Freight, Customs clearance from my partners and transport directly through to your door.

Why do you Need customs clearance? – Get a FREE quote now !

When it comes to organising customs clearance with your customs broker Melbourne, Freelance Shipping will co-ordinate the clearance liaising with all parties at hand. All goods entering the country require customs clearance even if the overall price of the product is $1000 AUD.

Nothing gets past customs unless its been correctly declared. We have all watched border protection, so we know that Australia has the strictest Customs out.

Customs clearance teams

That’s why you need legitimate freight agents to help you overall tailor your freight transporting needs from start to finish.

What If I Imported goods through the post? Customs broker Melbourne

If you imported goods through the post then most likely you have had Australia post get in touch with you about clearing the goods from a customs broker. We can organise this for you and even organise delivery of the goods to your home if they are fragile or require special treatment.

Customs clearance teams will liaise with you on the goods and will lodge an import declaration to customs declaring the value of the goods, what they are and where they are heading.

Customs no longer allow people to clear it through the counter. It is best to contact us to arrange this on your behalf. Want to learn how to import?

What can the customs clearance consist of?  – Customs broker Melbourne / Sydney / Brisbane / ADL

Let us worry about ensuring that all your paperwork is accurate. We know exactly what your documentation requires including what links, templates, formats, free trade certificates. We have you covered.

Our teams even organise the right classification of the goods. Remember, Customs don’t go by descriptions. Customs always go by the tariff schedule. Your goods most likely is covered by the schedule and there may even be a concession in place that could help you get the goods duty free! – Check your brokers compliance Free tips!

Free Trade

Of course, if Australia has a free trade in place we could also help with in terms of lowering the duty. Just like accountants we work with our partners to ensure your clearances are the highest quality and you pay the government only what you need to.

So, if your looking for a customs broker Melbourne / Sydney or Beyond, let our staff know and we can organise this for you no problem.

How Much Does Customs Clearance Cost?

Customs Clearance can cost any price. It is also determined about who is doing the clearance, time the team must do the clearance etc. In our industry cheaply, paid clerks are made to create the import declaration for thousands of importers.

These guys have zero to no idea on what the requirements are or what to look for. Our guys are trained and have worked for brokerages for over 10 years. Freelance Shipping charges $99.00 for customs clearances Australia Wide.

That’s up to 5 lines of classifications for your goods. If its more then we will let you know. IF you have repeated shipments you may be able to qualify for a discount. Check with our guys first as we can save you more then you think!

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Trained staff to handle customs clearance

Many importers always require the needs of having a firm that can lodge customs declarations on their behalf. Freelance Shipping has teamed up with Customs clearance Melbourne based firm Milne and Dunkley to deliver an outstanding and specialised service for it’s clients. We understand that you may have a lot of products that require technical knowledge, specifications and commitment to your products. Especially when dealing with customs on your behalf. We thoroughly look through your products liaising with our specific partners. This is to ensure that we understand each product that you are going to import.

We carefully diagnose the workings of the product, its specifications and what the intended use is for that product. Once we understand the product we can help you provide the necessary means of accurately providing what supportive documentation you require.

How does this help?  – Customs Clearance Melbourne or Sydney

The accurate support and research can provide importers with relief, that the partners have investigated their products carefully. It can lead to a better choice of classifying the tariff correctly and more approval from customs if they ever conduct an audit.  There are always reasons as to why us and our partners may go to a specific classification.

We must look for any specific requirements from that classification. An example would be, does it meet the requirements for the tariff Code?  Is there a Tariff concession applicable that can save you duty? Can we and our partnered custom brokers agree that this classification is the closest in determining what the goods are?  All these questions serve as important steps in identifying the goods. Sometimes the goods may be one thing but its intended use another. Let us worry about that while you handle the rest of the business. Need a quote? 


Reputable Customs Clearance

By trusting us to work together with our custom clearance Melbourne based partners means that you have more time to handle other aspects of the business. Time is always the most crucial asset to any business owner or manager. Give yourself that time so we can direct a decision to you based on our years of experience in the industry.

What about loyalty?

Our loyalty lies in the commitment of our service to you. Many companies and firms always promise to deliver high service levels but end up over committing themselves. Why is this you may ask. Well, you as a business owner know how sales work. The difference is whether you can provide the service and cost associated in winning that business.  These days many freight forwarding companies or Customs brokerage have failed in providing that level of service. They are either too large to investigate the details of the product or their staff are not adequately trained.

Training of Staff to handle your Customs Clearance Melbourne or Sydney

Trained staff to handle customs clearance Melbourne or Sydney based can be a challenging task. Nobody really knows what sort of staff people hire. We can tell you straight up that while we may be a small and focused group, each staff member has over 10 years’ experience in this industry. Customs and Forwarding are our specialty. You can be rest assured that we know what we are doing. The tricks of the trade don’t come by easily and takes years of work experience to understand requirements of legislation and customs expectations.

Have you ever walked into a shop and asked for help? Do you remember the time that there were people there working and couldn’t even answer simple questions to what you really wanted to know about specific products? They just say “umm” ok” sure” I’ll be right back. These workers are there based on a cheap wage.

Change it to our industry and there are a lot of workers in the freight world. They have very little industry knowledge about customs clearance Melbourne or Sydney practices. Did you know that it is most likely that they are the ones working on your declaration that you send to Customs?

Outcome of ill-trained staff handling Jobs

Customs have declared that despite using a customs brokerage to lodge declarations, in the end it is the responsibility of the importer. Basically, what that means is, it doesn’t matter that you got a customs broker to lodge your declaration to them. If there’s a single piece of information that is incorrect or out of place, there can be hazardous consequences.  These staff members are originally data operators, some are even based in third world countries. If a mistake is made then you may be up for inspection fee’s, greater costs and God Forbid, a penalisation from customs themselves. The broker will just wipe their hands clean off you and say it was your decision. Don’t let this happen to you.

Our guys are industry trained and equipped

Custom Brokers

We are different from a lot of forwarders and customs brokers in the industry. We have a small select team that have been in the industry for over 10 years. Its guys like us that have a passion for the freight and customs world. We write, live and breathe this daily. If anybody has made it over 10 years in the freight industry, then that means it’s a passion and in their blood. Every declaration is properly checked from a trained operative with no less then 10 years in the industry. Our juniors must have at least 5 years of industry experience in customs or forwarding.

The operators deal with clients all the time, so they must be on the ball on their products, relations and understand what their requirements are. The last thing you need is a trainee taking your calls and making a costly mistake that can lose you a client.  Experienced business owners understand costly mistakes by workers can be detrimental for clients and for their business. We won’t let this happen to you. Our values and commitment are for you specifically.

Trust in a niche customs clearance Melbourne and Sydney based firm that can deliver you results beyond your expectations. Personalized service that understands your products and builds good relations for years to come.

State Specific

A customs clearance Melbourne based firm can always understand the workings if you’re a client in Melbourne. They understand the workings of the domestic transport required in that state. When a company claims that it specifically can work all areas of Australia, it leaves doubt.  Doubt in terms that when you are a specific client in Victoria or Sydney then you want to look for a firm either collaborated or in your state to help you liaise with customs and quarantine.

The key point to take is that at times you would not only require customs clearance. There could be moving containers out of other countries and a freight agent is needed to help you set it all up. There can be matters of transport if you have cargo that is larger then you or your transport support. Understanding the requirements of different transport vehicles. When you look for customs clearance Melbourne and state specific firms, the advantage is they understand the workings.

Workings and Network advantages

Understanding the roads to where your cargo needs to be delivered. Contacts at the wharf or depo where your cargo is out of. We have a firm network of contacts at the wharf, depot’s, customs and specialised transport companies. Freelance Shipping has build networks with people in the transport and logistics industry for well over 12 years. When your cargo is about to be on storage and its within a state we have practiced in, then rest assured, that we will do what we can. A commitment solely for saving you money and time by working with our internal contacts.

Ever heard of the line “it’s not what you know its who” ?

Well I can tell you then our firm is based on what we know and who we know. You have the best of both worlds when it comes to your cargo. Freelance Shipping team and partners work for you. A strike of storage or anything else we take personally. You’re not just another number to us. It’s very personal if you incur any additional cost that was within our means of avoiding.

Freelance Shipping has a proven work structure. We have worked with our partners for a lengthy amount of time. Our partners have contacts in different fields which is very helpful in terms of cost and service for our clients.

Our Committed Partner

Freelance Shipping has been working for and with customs clearance Melbourne based company Milne Dunkley Customs for well over 10 years. We have created strong ties over the years and the service to our clients shows how we are top of the market. Freelance Shipping holds their partner closely.

Milne Dunkley have been specific customs brokers and in the industry for well over 30 years!. Yes that is correct, they have customs brokers that are so technically minded and experienced that in our opinion no firm comes close. Everybody has a specific talent. Our customs clearance Melbourne based firm focuses just on custom clearances. Nothing else.

What does this mean?

This means that our partner spends their time and focus specifically looking into custom clearances. With a working structure of 4-5 brokers and some with over 20 years’ experience it’s hard to overlook the need for them. Experience serves as the greater good especially when you require expertise advice and knowledge.

Can you imagine that you have customs brokers not newly appointed but ones that have dealt with customs tribunals, legal proceedings, and legislative settlements? Yes, it’s true they have served as the best advisers for major manufacturers and importers for a very long time. You may think how does this relate to me and my company?

Well when you think about it, customs are just like the tax office. If there is something wrong, you can guarantee Customs, or the Tax man will be knocking on your door. You require specific custom brokers that understand the legislation inside and out who have dealt with the ATO, Customs and Quarantine over the years.

Knock Knock

If they come knocking be rest assured, you are well looked after. Customs have the right to take an importer to court or ask for penalties to be paid even duties to be re-payed to the crown.  Your firm requires brokers that have higher experience than usual brokers to combat and fight for your company so that you don’t have to pay what’s not owed.

Are custom brokers all the same?

The answer is NO. In the court of law, lawyers are always the ones we turn to when we are in a legal dispute. Some are good, and some are just plainly bad. Don’t get stuck with a bad customs broker or you may end up in a situation where a qualified and EXPERIENCED broker could have settled it on your behalf.

Therefore, our structure aims to work with our partners closely. The best freight agent in the industry has your back. Yes, they may not move freight around the globe like Freelance Shipping does but its were we complete each other. You can sleep well, knowing that if anybody comes knowing on your door. We will answer. If it’s a customs or quarantine dilemma, that’s our speciality. You have us as a safety net at the time you really need help.

Nothing is worse then having an insurance company re-point the finger back at you or your own solicitor when times get tough. When things get tough the tough get going.  Take in our writing and considerations when choosing your next customs clearance Melbourne or Sydney based representatives. We can assure you, you will not be disappointed. Need door to door?


Customs clearance Melbourne and Sydney based Freelance Shipping and Partners have competitive prices. Whether you are a new importer who has just started the business or a long-term importer needing to make a change for whatever reason. We can price match and beat almost any quote.  Freelance Shipping in conjunction with its partners offer packages and deals for every type of business out there. Custom clearance can start from just $99.00!.

Yes that’s right. This does not mean that the operators are not industry trained. Incorrect. Our staff have well over 10 years so when you leave your clearances to us, you know you’re in safe hands. With prices starting from $99.00 it would be very hard to overlook the deal especially with the type of customs brokers we have teamed up with. Experience is vital in ensuring that you pick the right broker.

The Wrong Choice

A wrong tax accountant can land you a big bill with the tax office. A wrong customs broker or even, not state based can land in you into some hot water.
We have all dealt with bad accountants. Its your choice and decision to ensure that you deal with a reputable customs clearance Melbourne and Australian owned firm committed to helping you. Our loyalty to you is never questioned. We have had relations with our clients for years without compromising service. Let us work with you to help you grow.


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