What are the different sectors in which you must hire a Custom Clearance Agent?

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Hire a Custom Clearance Agent

When the question arises “what are the different sectors in which you must hire a Customs Clearance Agent? “we look at all the issues where it is imperative to hire a qualified and professional customs clearance agent


One of the sectors where a customs clearance agent becomes detrimental for the growth of your business is in the documentation sector. Documentation needs to be always accurate / true of description and properly done.

These are the documents that will need to be lodged to government bodies on your behalf. Customs clearance agents provide exceptional solutions to ensure that your paperwork is up to date and that Government bodies will have no issue with the documents you lodge to them. Remember that all records of the shipments need to be kept for a minimum of 5 years.  Customs can place an audit on your shipments, and they will require all the documents to verify everything including tax documents

Tariff and Classification

Tariff and Classification is another sector that you must hire a customs clearance agent. When lodging your customs entries to the Australian Border Force, they customs officers which check that the tariffs for the goods are correctly classified. If the tariff is incorrectly classified and wrongful duty is paid Customs can issue a penalty for the incorrect classification. This will result in a loss of monies and the department chasing for monies owed.

The other implication of this is that the importers ABN would be flagged, and they will consistently start redlining and screening their cargo into Australia as a means of ensuring that correct classification is followed. This results in extensive delays in cargo being delivered to the importer. The importer will then have to regain trust back from the department which can take a lengthy amount of time.

Free trade agreements and Preferential Goods

Qualified Customs Clearance Agent

When we look at Free trade agreements, countries have always organized relationships of trade between themselves. This is another sector that customs clearance agents utilize their skills into ensuring that once a free trade agreement is in continuance, they harness the benefits to their clients. The benefits can range from having Duty Free goods to preferential treatment of goods from the countries involved.

Customs brokers and Customs clearance agents also look at preferential countries to see where the goods where originally manufactured. There may be a specific / certain country that the tariff can give a preferential duty rate saving the importer massive savings during the year.  These are just some of the sectors that Customs clearance agents work in.


With the above being said, when you raise the question of “What are the different sectors in which you must hire a Custom Clearance Agent?

 Always keep the above writing in mind. If you need to know more feel free to reach out to a qualified customs clearance agent that can help you streamline your goods with proper coordination of freight and adhering to all legislation

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