What things should you know about Shipping from the USA to Australia?

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We have all heard of the epic distributors that import from China. There are gains to be made, pitfalls to be seen and trust to be imagined. Many importers and exporters have greatly improved their overall margins from established contracts in and out of China. Nobody can say that the relations have not been good.

Here today we discuss what things should you know about Shipping from USA to Australia.


 The USA prides itself in the manufacturing sector. None can say that their workmanship is not one of the best in the world. From producing cars / electronics to crafting some of the best military equipment the world has ever seen.  Majority of the goods out of the USA have a very high standard of production. We can say that when, we have an exporter in the USA that the goods are always assumed to be of very high quality. The price fits the make. Won’t break as easy and is durable to last time.

Exporting from the USA

You have received samples from the U.S and obtained good relations with the exporter. There is no language barrier and you can easily make a straight dealing.  Samples were sent via their air courier service like UPS and FedEx, with you being quite happy with the quality of the products. So, what comes next?

Establishing relations with your supplier is mandatory. Australia has a free trade with the United States of America which means that your goods can be duty free as they enter Australia. Always ensure that your exporter can obtain / produce documents that is accepted by Customs Australia in ensuring that you do not have to pay duty for the goods in arriving into Australia.

Inland Freight

When we discus “What things should you know about the shipping from the USA to Australia “we must also put on the table the topic of Inland Freight. Inland Freight refers to the trucking / shipping domestically in the United States. Trucking and inland movement can become very costly depending on where the exporter manufactures their goods and how far they are from the port. This is key into ensuring that your inland costs are down, especially since the labor is very high in the United States.

A key tip is to always ensure that the factory of the exporter is closely aligned to the ports. This way you can reduce your trucking and inland costs, overall obtaining cheaper goods ready to sell to the public.

Sea Freight and Customs

Want to learn more about “what things should you know about shipping from the USA to Australia “?

Contrary what people believe sea freight costs after Covid 19 from most of the ports have been quite competitive with China. Carrier / shipping lines are more catered towards ensuring that the prices are low and that they compete quite on par with their counter parts in China and other economies. Of course, Vietnam / China and India do have lower labor rates but as an average sea freight cost, the United States are slightly higher than in our other counterpart countries.

Customs always comes into the equation. How do Customs treat goods from the USA in comparison to other countries? To answer the question, Customs trusts the goods from the USA. Yes, they are highly stringent in their quarantine process which means Australian Quarantine have a liking as they have similar processors. This means that your goods are Customs cleared much easier than that of which would be arriving from let’s say Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

Choice and Decision

 The choice and decision all come down to your preference of what is the most marketable product. With communities in Australia they would like to opt to pay a higher premium for American goods as they know that the product will last them for years to come. Perhaps we are in hard times and goods manufactured in China are more eye catching.

Whatever the reason, we can only suggest that you speak to your trusted freight forwarder about all the possibilities on the table. They are your partner in a long-term venture and their advice needed when it comes to understanding What things you should know about shipping from the USA to Australia.

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